Deceptive Dolan Has Microphone Removed at School Board Meeting – VIDEO

KATY (Covering Katy News) – Defiance seemed to be activist Sean Dolan’s motive Monday night when he decided it was better to have his microphone taken from him than follow the rules and be allowed to finish his remarks at the Katy School Board meeting. Dolan is the man who is leading the charge to force Dr. Lance Hindt from his position as Superintendent.

Dolan stepped to the front of the room on Monday night but he did not use the microphone that is attached to the lectern. Instead, he reached down to a nearby table and removed a different microphone from its stand and immediately turned his back on the board and began addressing the audience.

“This is our meeting and you are addressing us, Mr. Dolan,” said board member Rebecca Fox.

Standing before the audience in his red Katy Tigers t-shirt, Dolan ignored Fox’s request and continued speaking.

“Please address the board in your remarks,” said board President Ashley Vann.

After 48 seconds it became obvious that Dolan had no plan to follow the rules. Three Katy ISD police officers approached him. One officer gently removed the microphone from his hands and Dolan sat down without incident.

The performance was captured by cameras from several Houston television stations and Covering Katy News.

Dolan has made numerous complaints against the district concerning instances where he claims his son was bullied and he alleges that the situations were not properly handled.

Monday night’s event is the kind of sideshow that Dolan and his supporters have made routine at school board meetings over the past two months. At the last meeting, a group of his supporters gathered behind the media workstations and made such a fuss that the school district decided to change the location where the media works, so they can’t be taunted. One man was caught on video by Covering Katy flashing his gun holster.  The man told a Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office detective that he did not have a gun in the holster. He said he was “just being silly.”  On Monday night the so-called silliness continued with Dolan taking center stage.

Dolan is the man who made the deceptive viral video that claims to show Dr. Lance Hindt laughing at a man who accused the superintendent of schools of being a bully when he was in junior high school.  Because the video used subtitles telling viewers that Hindt was laughing many people around the world and in Katy became enraged at Hindt.  The video kicked off a firestorm and Dolan continued to stoke the flames on Monday night.

This is not the first time that Dolan has blatantly disregarded Katy ISD rules. He was asked not to return to a volunteer program for fathers because he did not want to follow the rules of that program. In response, Dolan secretly recorded a conversation with a coordinator of that program and made a mocking video of her and posted it online. He also sent it to Covering Katy News. Covering Katy determined that the video had no news value and declined to post it.

Earlier on Monday, Dolan attended a rally in support of Dr. Lance Hindt and videotaped those taking part in the event.

Last week he told Covering Katy that his next target is going to be Katy ISD administrators. It is unclear if the video he shot on Monday afternoon will be used in that effort.

“Stay tuned,” Dolan wrote in a text message to Covering Katy.






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