Crash Victim May Have Been in Vehicle for 24 Hours before being Discovered

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CYPRESS (Covering Katy News) – Harris County Sheriff’s Deputies were called to the scene of a fatal car crash late Friday night, and they believe the accident may have happened up to 24 hours earlier, and no one noticed. It was a single-vehicle crash with one victim.

The victim got ejected from the vehicle.  She was Hispanic and in her early 20s according to investigators.

The location of the accident was not a place that drivers can easily see. It was beyond the TX 99 feeder road a short distance before US 290 near Louetta Road.

“The driver apparently disregarded the stop sign,” said Sgt. Simon Cheng of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. “The feeder road ends north of the stop sign.” She also broke through a barricade. Beyond the stop sign is a large drainage ditch. That’s where the car came to rest.

“There is a hill of dirt that the BMW ran into causing it to launch in the air, land on the side of the drainage ditch and eventually fall to the bottom of the ditch,” Cheng said.

Investigators found evidence that the vehicle and the victim were there for 12 to 24 hours before being discovered.

“We found a spider web inside the damaged area of the vehicle,” Cheng said.

He also said there was a pile of dirt that had gathered near the car that would not have been there if the accident was fresh.

The investigation is ongoing.

See photos below.

Covering Katy photo

Covering Katy photo

Covering Katy photo

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