EDITORIAL: Our School Board Needs to Wake Up and Speak

Courtesy KISD

We’ve watched some pretty disappointing things happen at Katy Independent School District meetings in the past, but Monday night’s debacle is without a doubt one of the most frustrating events in the seven-year history of Covering Katy News.

Once again the seven members of the board sat with their tongues tied as Old Katy activist Sean Dolan was allowed to hijack another meeting based on his false narrative that there is not a single teacher, administrator, or staff member who cares about bullying. While there may be improvements that can be made in effectively dealing with bullying, Dolan’s statements are an insult to every employee of the school district, especially our classroom teachers. He told Covering Katy in a text that his next target was the administration and Monday night he began his assault in the short 50 seconds that he was allowed to speak.

Dolan, a skilled propagandist, must have been in need of pictures showing him being shut down during a public hearing.  So, he set out to get that video and the district gave him exactly what he wanted. He rose to speak and turned his back on the board.  He was asked to follow the rules and address the board face to face. He declined and his microphone was taken from him without incident. Now Dolan has that video for his next propaganda piece where he’ll likely claim to be the victim of a school district that does not allow him to speak. There will be no mention that he didn’t follow the rules.

Covering Katy’s concern with this board is not that they’ve done too much listening, it’s that they’ve not done enough talking.  After one of Dolan’s thugs flashed a holster during the meeting two weeks ago, you would think we’d at the very least hear from board member George Scott. Scott, who formerly used his blog to tar-and-feather people like Dolan and his band of thugs, was among those who sat and said nothing on Monday night.  He sat stone-faced and did nothing more than a whisper in the ear of Rebecca Fox. Scott didn’t get elected to whisper. He got elected to yell loudly when the board acts like a bunch of wimps.

Monday night Scott sat at the board table with the facial expressions of a cadaver, apparently afraid if Dolan videotaped him smiling he may be inserted into the next deceptive video production to be spoon fed to Houston TV stations staffed by ill-informed and lazy reporters. We hear a lot these days from people who say “Make America Great Again,” but at this point, perhaps we’d settle for a campaign to make “George Scott Great Again.”

The obvious brain freeze that we’re seeing at the board table, while extremely frustrating, is not unusual when institutions and corporations come under attack. The board’s paralysis is understandable but not acceptable.

Covering Katy was attacked by these same people and our response came within seconds of learning we were under assault. They told lies about us, so we told the truth about them. Our response caused a complete meltdown on their side, resulting in a loss of support for the felon who was making the untruthful accusations, and an end to her attacks on us. The school board, on the other hand, has played it safe and hoped Dolan and his bullies would just go away. He has not, and at this point, it really does not matter what Dolan says in the future. It’s the board that people want to hear from.

Dolan spent months looking for an issue to criticize Katy ISD. Everything failed until he tried the bullying issue. He’s proven that if you throw enough mud at the wall something will stick.  What stuck was the issue of bullying. Unfortunately for Dolan, he and his followers have been bullying anyone who asks tough questions about their claims. So they will never be the standard bearers of an honest anti-bullying campaign, but when only one group is talking it means only one group is being heard.

If parents can entertain the thought that a superintendent who leads us through a flood of biblical proportions just six months ago is now somehow not fit to serve it clearly means someone needs to start talking from the board table.  There are people who think what a man did in junior high school should be an indictable offense in adulthood, some 40 years later. If the board can’t beat that logic back with clear and convincing evidence it’s because they aren’t trying, or they don’t deserve to be on the board.

The previous Katy ISD administration was guilty of bullying Covering Katy in ways too numerous to detail here.  The man who put a stop to that nonsense was Lance Hindt. That’s our experience with Dr. Hindt. Still, Hindt too needs to say more too. Yesterday he told Covering Katy he’d be willing to meet with his accuser privately. Messages like that need to be repeated over, and over because people aren’t hearing what he is saying, primarily because they’re not hearing it anywhere but Covering Katy.

Social media brings with it a set of challenges never seen before in the world of bullying. In the old day’s boys had to worry about having their head flushed in a toilet. Today, boys and girls have to worry that something will be put on the internet which will stay there until the end of time whether truthful or not. It’s a different time that requires different solutions. Overnight fixes are not always going to work but letting the community know that you are trying goes a long way toward diminishing the faulty narrative of activists who will make any claim and tell any lie to forward their agenda.

These are challenging issues, and to sit back and say nothing leaves the world believing the district does not care and does not support its superintendent.  Common sense tells us that in a district of 77,000 students there will be cases of bullying.  Common sense also tells us that most teachers aren’t going to put up with it because to do so only makes their job more difficult.

Stop worrying about Dolan.  Let him speak at the board meetings with his back to you.  Let him speak while wearing a lampshade on his head. Who cares. It’s not what he says, it’s what you say. Katy wants to hear from you, not Deceptive Dolan.

Time is running out. Either the board talks or the vacuum will be filled by people who will continue an unchallenged assault on the employees of our school district. If board members won’t speak for themselves, at least they can speak in defense of the classroom teachers and their superintendent.



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