Commissioner Meyers on Cane Island – FM 1463 Traffic Issues

KATY (Covering Katy News) – The following is from Commissioner Andy Meyers on unexpected traffic issues in the Cane Island Parkway/ FM 1463 area.

The traffic issues created by the TxDOT roadways and intersections near the Firethorne area started Friday night and caught the county by surprise when new barrels/cones appeared. Over the holiday weekend, I’ve been fielding calls and making my own investigation of FM 1463 and the new Cane Island Parkway traffic congestion. Today, once folks got back in from the holiday, I pulled in a number of additional workers and people into the discussions and here are the updates.

1) The Cane Island Parkway opening is complete and will be expanded further, to give traffic a separate north/south route to and from the I-10 feeder road and the overpass just west of Buc-ee’s. The “jug handle” feeder/overpass intersection is owned and controlled by TxDOT. This intersection is on the list for a Traffic Study per TxDOT to receive a permanent signal. I’ve made it very clear to TxDOT through multiple channels that our drivers here need a temporary set of signal lights on poles ASAP, even if I have to pay for them to make it happen. The backups and delays are unacceptable.

2) TxDOT also controls FM 1463 which will be rebuilt and expanded to 4 and 6 lanes. The timeline on that is theirs also. They are under design and right of way is being acquired for the widening of FM 1463. We are requesting the “old” curve on 1463 that is no longer in use be left in place until construction of the new roadway (is completed).

3) I’ve been demanding answers all day about why the left turn lanes on N. Firethorne have been barrelled off but there’s no traffic engineer or project manager locally or in Austin answering the question. I’m informed that the cones will be removed in about 2 weeks once some of the continuing work on FM 1463 & Cane Island Parkway Intersection roadway is finished.

My staff and I have driven the area multiple times over the last few days. We are calling in every additional voice and favor we can to get things improved. And I’ll pay TxDOT to get that I-10 feeder road signal in if they try to stall it out further. I share your frustrations at the traffic delays. We anticipated there would be an adjustment period as motorist chose which route to I 10 to take. The county has consultants monitoring the traffic on FM 1463 & Cane Island Parkway and we will work with TxDOT to make necessary changes. We will keep fighting to get this right – our roadways must tie into theirs and we are working to be good partners, but I’m digging in for the fight here. We’ll get it done. Thank you for your patience and your messages. I’m collecting them for a nice informational packet we’ll gladly pass along to the state.

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