Superintendent Finalist Lance Hindt has experience healing divided communities


KATY (Covering Katy) – The Katy Independent School District Board of Trustees has selected Dr. Lance Hindt as its sole finalist for the position of Superintendent. Hindt is the current Superintendent of the Allen, Texas Independent School District.

Dr. Hindt is well known in the Katy area. He worked his way through the education ranks as a teacher, principal, Assistant Superintendent and Superintendent at local school districts including Fort Bend and Stafford.

Katy school board President Rebecca Fox was impressed with Hindt’s knowledge of the Katy area.

“He came from Katy. He graduated from Katy’s Taylor High School, and he watched Katy grow over the years. So, he understands who we are and his values closely mirror those of Katy,” Fox said.

After leaving Stafford, Dr. Hindt became Superintendent of the Allen, Texas School District in 2014.  The Allen district is northeast of Dallas.

Shortly after taking over, cracks were found in the concrete of the district’s 59-million dollar football stadium. Hindt held the contractors responsible, and did not have to go to court to fix the problems with the stadium.

“We were able to get the stadium repaired and we were able to do it at no cost to the taxpayers,” Hindt said.

KISD board member George Scott says the way he dealt with the Allen stadium controversy created a tremendous amount of loyalty in the Allen community.

“I think it demonstrates his ability to communicate,” Scott said.

Dr. Lance HIndt

Dr. Lance Hindt

Despite his success repairing what was the country’s most expensive high school football stadium, Fox says it played no part in his selection as the next Superintendent of the Katy School District, which is building a controversial 62-million dollar stadium.

”It’s about students. It’s not about stadiums.”

Hindt doesn’t want to get into the stadium controversy, but says he will make sure taxpayers get the stadium they voted for, and it won’t just be for football.

“There’s a whole heck of a lot more that these school districts offer than just championship football teams. They offer championship kids and that’s what’s most important,” Hindt said.

Dr. Hindt will replace Alton Frailey who retires in August after serving as Superintendent of Katy ISD since 2007.


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  1. Dr. Hindt looks like a good choice for KISD’s new superintendent. He’s already caused PBK to stand down and pay up regarding the poorly constructed football stadium in Allen ISD.

    One point needs to be made. Katy citizens didn’t exactly vote for the KISD stadium. In fact they turned it down cold when that was the only thing on the ballot in 2013. When the superintendent and his complicit board came back in 2014, they added supposedly “necessary” schools to the stadium request. Rezoning could have solved the problem of the crowded schools. But the intended objective of getting a new stadium one way or another, was achieved.

    That’s water under the bridge, but I did like that Dr. Hindt stated that the stadium “won’t be just for football.”

    I would like to remind everyone of my comment last December regarding this matter:

    ” December 11, 2015 at 9:04 pm

    If they [superintendent and his Board] are going back on their word and building what we all didn’t want them to build in the first place, they could at least have a “hall of fame” for ALL the sports. Football isn’t the only sport that matters to most of Katy ISD. And limiting the space for the use of honoring only football athletes most certainly leaves out all the female students! [Can anyone say Title IX?]

    Trophies that my sons helped earn years ago have been seen piled in a corner under a tarp or thrown in the trash at Taylor High School.

    How about at least making this boondoggle a repository for the winning efforts of ALL of our KISD student athletes? After all, it’s not just parents of football players that are paying for this place.

    Voters who don’t like KISD padding their bond items by 30% in the first place (so they can have “savings” to spend as they like,) should have expected this move by the superintendent [Mr. Frailey] and his complicit board. The best way to tell them of our displeasure is to vote out board members Joe Adams and Rebecca Fox next spring.

    It should also be noted that one board member, Henry Dibrell, had the good sense to vote against this stupid move.

    Mary McGarr

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