See Which Katy Websites and Facebook Pages are the most Popular



KATY (Covering Katy News) – Covering Katy continues to have the largest online audience of all the Katy based media companies according to Amazon’s Alexa ranking service which ranks websites worldwide in terms of visits.

Given the destruction of Hurricane Harvey, this is the first indication of where the people of Katy turned in times of crisis. It is clear that Covering Katy was by far the choice of the community when it came to visits during their time of need.

For the period of June, July and August 2017, Covering Katy ranked 23,400 nationally.  Katy Magazine’s website came in a far distant second at 83,410 nationally and the Katy Time ranked third at 99,759.

The ranking is important to advertisers who look at these numbers when deciding where to place their ads. The ranking shows that no other media website in Katy comes close to reaching as many people as

Covering Katy also continues its dominance in the Facebook arena.  According to numbers provided by Facebook, the Covering Katy social media site has reached 1,564,084 people in the past 28 days.  It is an increase of 393% over the previous 28 days, which is an indication that people came in droves to Covering Katy during times of crisis when they need a trustworthy news source.


Courtesy: Alexa


Courtesy: Facebook