Representative Calanni Passes Bill that will make City of Katy Roads Safer


AUSTIN (Covering Katy News) – Currently City of Katy Police officers can’t enforce standards for overweight trucks that damage road surfaces and take longer to stop when they’re overweight and breaking the law. That problem is about to go away now that Texas Representative Gina Calanni has passed a bill that solves the problem. The only thing left if for Governor Abbott to sign the bill.

Calanni, D Katy, has passed legislation that will make Katy police officers eligible to apply for certification to enforce commercial vehicle standards for overweight trucks that pass through the Katy city limits. This marks Representative Calanni’s tenth bill to pass the House of Representatives and the first bill to pass on the House’s general calendar.

“I’m proud to pass this bill and send it to the Governor for the safety of Katy residents to deliver results for our community,” said Rep. Calanni. “Under this bipartisan legislation, Katy police officers will be able to carry out the same functions as DPS officers and enforce state safety standards for large, overweight trucks.”

Currently, the Texas Department of Public Safety is the only law enforcement agency in the area authorized to enforce overweight commercial vehicle safety standards, but they lack the resources to regularly enforce these state safety standards in Katy.

“I am very pleased that the Texas Legislature has passed our CMV legislation that will provide the City of Katy Police Department with the authority to enforce Commercial Motor Vehicle regulations,” said Mayor Chuck Brawner. “I want to thank Senator Lois Kolkhorst and Representatives Gina Calanni, John Zerwas, and Oscar Longoria for their efforts to pass this legislation. This bill will make the streets in the City of Katy safer for our citizens,” Mayor Brawner added.

“This public safety legislation had been proposed previously, and the Representative’s efforts actually delivered results,” said Katy City Council Member Chris Harris. “This legislation will make the roadways safer for Katy residents and protect the taxpayers’ infrastructure from illegal overweight vehicles.”

Calanni represents Texas House District 132 and serves on the Juvenile Justice & Family Issues Committee and the Homeland Security & Public Safety Committee.

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