Katy Area Tornado Photos

KATY/FULSHEAR (Covering Katy) – First it was just a funnel cloud but now we’ve learned it was a Tornado in the Katy – Fulshear area on Sunday.

At 3:02 p.m. Sunday, Fort Bend County Constable Wayne Thompson reported that there were sightings of a funnel cloud in the Katy/Fulshear area.

The funnel cloud was reported near FM 1463 and Spring Green Blvd.

The National Weather Service has now officially classified the weather event as a tornado.


City of Fulshear Facebook photo

Kristin Mahoney photo



Courtesy Nextdoor


Photo taken by Covering Katy reader Stephanie Perez from the FM 1093 – Grand Parkway intersection.


Bethany Meadows-Geiman took this photo from the Willow Creek Farms subdivision at I-10 and Jordan Ranch Blvd. near Rooms To Go in Brookshire.

Courtesy Nextdoor


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