INSULT TO INJURY: Car Burglars are Back in Katy Targeting Flooded Areas

Courtesy YouTube

KATY (Covering Katy News) – A neighborhood along South Mason Road, south of Westheimer Parkway, is now being targeted by thieves. A thief was caught on video surveillance in the University Place subdivision early Monday morning. It is the same neighborhood where Creech Elementary School has relocated until renovations can be completed, following the Harvey floods. It is also about the only subdivision in that section that did not flood. Perhaps that is why it is the only area that has been able to catch a theif on video.

The neighborhood where the burglar operated did not flood, but every other subdivision in that section of Cinco Ranch did flood. With debris filling people’s driveways it makes everyone a target of burglars who walk the streets looking for unlocked vehicles. It is likely that nearly every homeowner in neighborhoods along South Mason Road between Westheimer Parkway and FM 1093 is unable to park inside their locked garages during due to flood damage.

A YouTube video shows a man attempting to get into a locked vehicle on Monday, September 11, 2017, at 2 a.m. His actions are similar to what the area has seen now for years; he walks up to a vehicle in a driveway and checks to see if the doors are unlocked. He discovered that the door of the car was locked, so he moved on, perhaps to the next driveway.

When vehicles are unlocked, burglars have been going through them and stealing whatever is available. Previous victims have lost guns, money, and electronics. The crimes are quiet and quick, so it has been difficult to catch the thieves.

See the video below. If you recognize the person in the video, call the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office.