Barker Cypress CVS Smash and Grab – VIDEO

The damage done by a smash and grab robbery at the CVS store on Barker Cypress at West Road. Metro photo


HARRIS COUNTY (Covering Katy) – The Harris County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an overnight smash and grab at a CVS store on Barker Cypress Road at West Road early Wednesday morning, not far from Katy. The crime happened at 2:30 a.m.

Harris County Sheriff’s Deputies say that a light blue Chevy flatbed pickup truck, with at least two males,  smashed in the front of a CVS store by backing into the entrance.  It was an unsuccessful attempt to get the automatic teller machine.The men did so much damage to the store that the ATM was stuck and not retrievable so they left the scene and apparently targeted another location.

About an hour later there was a similar smash and grab at the CVS store on FM 2920.  It’s believed that the same suspects are responsible for that crime.

We don’t yet know if they were able to steal the ATM at the FM 2920 location.

See video below.

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