B-25  Bomber to Arrive for Warbird Weekend 16th Annual CAF Event Honors Vintage Aviation

CAF PB-1J (B-25) Devil Dog – MachPointOneAviation.com

WEST HOUSTON – A freshly painted B-25 Mitchell, “Devil Dog”, will arrive in Houston for the 16th annual Warbird Weekend April 14-15 at the West Houston Airport. Ground tours will be available, and rides can be purchased for flights Friday through Sunday, April 15th.

Commemorative Air Force (CAF) Houston Wing hosts the event at the CAF Houston Wing museum at the West Houston airport.  The nationally famous PB-1J Devil Dog, and the return of the Vietnam era CH-46 helicopter from the Military Museum of Texas will be on display.  Our Houston Wing aircraft will be on display and available for rides.  We will have several visiting aircraft; aircraft appearance subject to weather and availability.

The US Marine Corps used B-25s – designated as “PBJs” – for “night heckling”, anti-shipping missions or close air support of beachheads and landings. As most of the missions were performed at low altitude, there was not much need for the glass nose/bombardier position. It was replaced with a solid nose and armed with up to 8 x .50 caliber machine guns. 9 PBJ squadrons made it overseas before the war ended in the Pacific. The Devil Dog memorializes the number 3 ship of the VMB 612 squadron which was declared missing on July 27, 1945 off Hachija Jima.

For the past 16 years, Warbird Weekend (formerly known as Open House) has emerged as the most entertaining annual World War II and 1940s theme event in Houston in the spring. It is a can’t-miss experience for anyone who enjoys nostalgia, historic aircraft and military vehicles, antique cars and featuring reenactors from the 6th Cavalry in authentic uniforms with restored ground vehicles and the anti-aircraft gun mount from the Battleship Texas. Local artist Maria Thorne will perform Big Band standards from the 1940s both days.  Warbird Weekend has become an excellent way to honor the heroes of the Greatest Generation and educate all ages about the WWII experience and the science of aviation.

Advance tickets are available for $10 per car from our website or Facebook and $15 at the gate. Proceeds from the event help fund operation of the museum, restoration and operation of the Houston Wing fleet.

About the Commemorative Air Force
The Commemorative Air Force is a non-profit organization dedicated to flying and restoring World War II aircraft. Based in Dallas, Texas, the organization has more than 13,000 members and has a fleet of more than 175 World War II aircraft. 

About the CAF Houston Wing Warbird Museum
The CAF Houston Wing, based in Houston, TX., was founded in 1987. One of most active units of the Commemorative Air Force, the unit maintains and flies five WWII aircraft including the only authentic flying Lockheed C-60A Lodestar, North American AT-6, Vultee BT-13, Naval Air Factory N3N and the Fairchild PT-19. The unit, composed of over 130 volunteers, is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization. www.houstonwing.org


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