Award Brings More Smiles to Katy Dental Practice

Keep Katy Beautiful presented Smiles of Katy, 1419 Avenue D, the Katy Proud Business Award Monday at city hall. Pictured are Jacalyn Warner, Sandy Schmidt, Jennifer Stence, Mayor Chuck Brawner, Joe Mora, Dr. Dolores Mora, Sharon Rhoads, Kathy Wiesner, Paula Taylor and Kay Callender – City of Katy photo

CITY OF KATY (Covering Katy News)—It’s natural to smile when your business receives an award and the accompanying recognition.

Dr. Delores Mora and her team at Smiles of Katy, 1419 Avenue D, received the Katy Proud Business Award from Keep Katy Beautiful Monday. Their smiles are understandably brighter for a couple of reasons.

First, Smiles of Katy is a dental practice. Second, like other Katy households and businesses, it had to carry on and overcome when last year’s hurricane floodwaters came.

Mora began her family and cosmetic dentistry practice in 1998 on First Street. She eventually purchased the Medical Plaza building on Avenue D. Her practice grew, and she decided to have a new building built behind the original building on the same one-acre lot to better serve patients. The new building would have 10 dental chairs.

The original building, which had three dental chairs, would be demolished after the new one opened.

Work began on the new building. Chairs and equipment were installed. Boxes with patient files and personal belongings of staff members were in the new building, albeit on the floor, awaiting unpacking. Everything was just about ready to go.

“We were still working and practicing in the front building,” Mora said.

Then Hurricane Harvey came along and provided an unwanted disruption. The new building had six inches of floodwater.

“I was just devastated,” Mora said. “All 10 chairs in the new building were laying on the floor in a flat position. I knew the motherboard had been fried. It was just an overwhelming sense of devastation. Everything we had put in the week prior was all destroyed and wet.”

Meanwhile, the original building suffered “100 percent devastation,” Mora said, with up to two feet of flooding in some spots.

Both buildings needed significant work. The construction crew for the new building repaired it.

Fixing the original building was another story.

“All the equipment was destroyed,” Mora said. “We immediately had to replace those chairs to continue to be able to see patients. We pulled the carpet and remodeled the original building as quickly as possible.”

She got help for repairing the original building from patients, Katy residents, and her fellow church members. She and her family are members of two churches, First Baptist Church Katy and Hope Church.

“We’re very active in both churches,” Mora said. “They were all there helping us tear walls down and pull out carpets.”

Mora said it took 3-4 weeks to get the original building in working condition. All the rework paid off. Smiles of Katy works today out of the new building, which is fully operational. The original building was demolished as planned.

Mora thanked the people of Katy for their support as Smiles of Katy rebuilt and moved forward. She said she hoped to give back to the community as it has given to her and Smiles of Katy.

“We’re always here, anytime,” Mora said.

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