Attorney Launches Effort to Keep Covering Katy Publishing

KATY (Covering Katy News) – Those of you who want Covering Katy to stay in business have one final opportunity to make that happen thanks to a loyal subscriber. Katy Attorney Oscar Maldonado has begun his own grassroots effort to keep Covering Katy operational.

Attorney Maldonado asked publisher Dennis Spellman to reopen the subscriber portal so that he and other Covering Katy fans could make one more push to keep CK alive. CK Publisher Dennis Spellman warned him that the goal is not an easy one, but agreed to let Maldonado try.

“If Mr. Maldonado and his group wants to help, why not reopen the portal and give it a shot,” Spellman said.

If you were already a paying subscriber PLEASE DO NOT resubscribe. Covering Katy will handle those arrangements later if this campaign is successful.

Below you will see Attorney Maldonado’s letter and a link to subscribe.

Oscar Maldonado

To readers, subscribers, and friends of Covering Katy News:

We recently discovered that, over the weekend, our friend Dennis Spellman / Covering Katy News announced that Covering Katy News will be suspending operations effective Feb. 28, 2019.

This is very sad news for us, not only because Dennis is a good friend, but because Covering Katy has been providing valuable hyper-local news content to the Katy area for seven years. During Hurricane Harvey, Covering Katy provided 24/7 emergency coverage that was vital to all of us.

Moreover, Covering Katy has also demonstrated an unending dedication to supporting our Katy-area nonprofit and faith communities.

As current subscribers, we love getting the news that we care about delivered to our inbox every morning, and breaking news updates throughout the day on our Facebook feeds. We don’t want that to stop and we believe there is a way to keep Covering Katy publishing, but it will require a grassroots positive response from the community and Covering Katy’s readers, subscribers and friends.

As concerned subscribers, we have spoken with Dennis and asked him what it would take to keep Covering Katy alive, and he said, “3,000 subscribers.” He said that for Covering Katy to continue, it must have a subscriber base that generates enough revenue that it would have zero dependence on advertising revenue.

According to Dennis, Covering Katy News has recently been the target of political fallout, unfair trade practices, and is being blacklisted by certain community leaders who don’t like that Covering Katy tells the truth. If so, that is simply not right. A news source should be free to report the news honestly and truthfully without undue influence or pressures from external forces, and advertisers should be free to advertise freely as well.

Consequently, if we want to keep Covering Katy alive, we all need to commit to Dennis to make the effort to do what we can to help him save Covering Katy. There is strength in numbers, and if we each do a small part to help, all those small bits might just add up to what is needed to keep Covering Katy alive. We hope that we can count on all of you to help.

Dennis has agreed to reopen his subscriber portal from now through Feb. 28 with the goal of reaching a 3,000 subscriber plateau before he suspends operations, and we need to help Dennis push for a massive subscriber drive. Dennis has promised that if the goal is met he will continue publishing! If Dennis does not meet the 3,000 subscriber goal, Dennis has indicated that he will give everyone a full refund.

Dennis also mentioned his desire to do even more local news about our kids and our community. If Covering Katy has the additional revenue provided by 3,000 subscribers he can make that goal a reality.

So, in order to help Dennis, we need as many people as possible to step forward and commit to subscribing and getting their friends to do the same. If we value trustworthy news that focuses on Katy, we need to save Covering Katy.

The cost is only $5.95 per month and you get a free month if you subscribe to an annual plan. Please go to to subscribe.

So, if you have not already done so, please subscribe to Covering Katy News and ask all your friends and contacts to do so as well.

Thank you! A concerned subscriber.

Oscar Maldonado, Jr.
Attorney at Law
Maldonado Law Firm


Covering Katy to Suspend publication February 28, 2019

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