A First Person interview with the Fulshear-Katy Chamber’s Don McCoy

FULSHEAR (Covering Katy News) – This summer, after realizing that 60 percent of their members are businesses in Katy and other surrounding cities, the former Fulshear Chamber of Commerce officially became the Fulshear-Katy Area Chamber of Commerce. Chamber President Don McCoy took part in a Covering Katy First Person interview. A link to the podcast is above.

The chamber, which began operating in January of 2014, has seen significant growth in four years.

“It grew very rapidly, and we had a lot of businesses in Fulshear, but also we started to notice we were bringing in a lot of businesses from the Katy area,” said  McCoy. “In fact, we were really bringing businesses in from a 300-square-mile radius. We are proudly serving the tri-county region. We want to be that robust chamber that we think the area needs, wants and desires.”

McCoy says a lot of the appeal is due to the demographics of the area.

“Many businesses want to tap into your demographic,” he said. “When businesses see that kind of disposable income, they want to tap into that.”

Along with the name change came a new website, Fulshearkaty.com. The website contains all the information prospective members need to know, as well as a 30-minute video “orientation.”

For just the $300 per-year basic membership, members have access to multiple tools to network, grow their business, track results and learn new ways to embrace technology to bring in more customers.

“As a chamber, we want to educate you on this new way of doing business,” said McCoy, adding that in the fast-paced world of today, the days of reading a four- or five-page marketing brochure are over. “I like to think that our chamber and myself and my staff are here to help you grow. That is what the chamber is here for, trying to help you make good decisions with your marketing dollars.”

McCoy says marketing is about building relationships, and chamber events are the perfect place to do just that. Upcoming events include the Fulshear Festival of Lights on Dec. 1 in downtown Fulshear. There will be a synthetic ice-skating rink, bounce house, live music, vendor booths, a parade with marching bands and fireworks.

On Dec. 7 the chamber will host Fulshear – Find Your Future,  a breakfast at Safari Texas. The event will feature the mayor of Fulshear discussing the future of Fulshear and how it can affect local businesses.

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