Grand Parkway Northbound Lanes Reopen in Richmond


RICHMOND (Covering Katy News) – The northbound lanes of the Grand Parkway in Richmond have reopened after the concrete surface began crumbling just before the Bellaire Boulevard exit. Crews started working on the problem Thursday and the roadway has now been repaired.  The Fort Bend Sheriff’s Office confirms that the stretch is now open.

There has been some speculation that the recent heat may have contributed to the road buckling. Thermal expansion is a phenomenon where heart and humidity cause cement roads to crack and then disintegrate as traffic continues to roll over the damaged area.

Texas is not the only state to experience this type of problem. It even happens in places like Minnesota.

“Blacktop (bituminous) pavement is a more flexible material and does not usually blow up but may create a bump similar to a frost heave, especially in areas where concrete and blacktop meet,” said a press release from the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

The Grand Parkway is a concrete roadway. Concrete is more likely to buckle than blacktop according to a report on  Heat and humidity, which we have an abundance of here in the Katy area, are the prime factors for concrete roadway damage.




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