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Flora Oni owns and operates Eftex Tax Solutions (Flora Oni photo)

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KATY (Covering Katy News)—For those looking for bookkeeping, tax preparation services, or QuickBooks training, Eftex Business Services, LLC (dba Eftex Tax Solutions) of Katy has been open for five years.

The company’s founder, Florence (Flora) Oni, brings more than just five years’ experience serving her clients. She has decades of professional experience, as well as perspectives that come from living in four countries on three continents.

Her story started in Lagos, Nigeria, where Flora and her husband, Akin, were working and raising their family. Akin was an engineering project manager in the oil and gas industry. Flora was working in the accounting profession. They were expecting their third child, and decided they wanted to give their children more options in the future.

“We opted to seek new opportunities outside Nigeria,” Flora said.

They looked at Canada and moved to Ottawa, Ontario, just before the events of September 11. Within weeks of arriving in Ottawa, a great opportunity that came up meant they had to further relocate to the Northwest Territories, one of Canada’s northern provinces. They settled there.

Akin continued his work as an engineering project manager, but now with emphasis on mining, for BHP Billiton. Flora took time out to be with the kids, but she never lost her passion for helping others understand and resolve their bookkeeping and tax issues. She initially worked part-time in accounting and used the opportunity to learn about Canadian tax laws.

Eventually, Flora took an accounting job whilst she used the experience to further develop and hone her skills. She oversaw different accounting operations which included business planning and financial reporting in the construction, logistics, airline and mining industries.

Living in Canada provided the Onis with some valuable opportunities, as well as a chance to learn how to deal with winter weather.

“It’s like living in a freezer,” Flora said. “It’s really cold there.”

As one of Akin’s major capital projects was ending, they looked at available projects, and were intrigued by one in Australia and moved there. After less than two years, they were transferred to Houston for an ongoing offshore petroleum project. While in Australia, Flora undertook a post-graduate course in accounting and MIS.

After a few months of arriving in Houston in 2009, the Onis moved to Fulshear. In 2016, Akin left his employer and founded Eftex Energy Services, LLC, a firm that provides project management and technical consulting services in the oil, gas and mining industries globally.

Flora, meanwhile, followed the game plan that had served her well in the past—learning the tax laws, meeting people, helping people come up higher, and developing herself.

She volunteered as treasurer for the PTA at her children’s Katy ISD schools, first at WoodCreek Junior High School, and then at Seven Lakes High School. Two of her children graduated from Seven Lakes High School and are now pursuing college degrees in technical disciplines. The third child is a sophomore at Tompkins High School.

Flora became federally licensed as an Enrolled Agent (EA), with unlimited rights to represent taxpayers before the IRS. Thereafter, she founded Eftex Business Services, LLC (dba Eftex Tax Solutions) in early 2012. Flora belongs to different groups in the community where she continues to volunteer and network to grow her business.

Within her Eftex Tax Solutions practice, she’s not only helped people streamline their bookkeeping and tax reporting, including FBAR filing using FinCen Form 114, she’s also intervened with the IRS to ensure purported delinquent accounts are straightened out.

“I enjoy helping people, this is what Eftex Tax Solutions does,” she said.

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