New Katy Store Buys, Sells, Repairs and Upgrades Certified Pre-owned Apple Products

Valeria Scacciati and her husband Tulio at Experimac on the Katy Freeway. Covering Katy photo

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KATY (Covering Katy)—For those looking to repair, purchase or trade-in pre-owned Apple products, Katy residents Valeria Scacciati and her husband, Tulio, have opened a store that can help. Experimac Katy North, at 21788 Katy Freeway, opened last month.

“People are surprised that we are selling pre-owned products,” Tulio Scacciati said. “We offer a 90-day Warranty, and perform a 20+ point inspection as part of our Certification Process.We even offer financing.”

A Mac laptop that is for sale at Experimac. Covering Katy photo

Experimac works with the entire Apple® product line, including desktop and laptop computers, iPhones® and iPad® devices, and AppleTV®media players.

“We stock inventory of parts for most of the Apple® product line” Valeria said. “So if anyone wants to do an upgrade, we can do it in-house, and most of the time within 1 day, phones within 1 hour.”

Performing repairs and data migrations on-site is a key advantage Experimac offers. ”Most other stores”, Tulio Scacciati said, “take 3-5 days to perform the computer repair work because they do not have the parts or the expert technicians onsite”.

At first glance, Tulio and Valeria Scacciati  might symbolize real-life examples of the American Dream. Originally from Argentina, they had earned their degrees from the University of Buenos Aires. They came to Texas in 2000 to pursue their master’s degrees. Tulio earned his MBA from the University of Texas with an emphasis on finance and strategy. Valeria earned her MBA from St. Edward’s University, also in Austin.

With no family in the country and college debt, things were challenging to start with. But they set and met their educational goals, and they both were employed in large corporations.

They lived in Philadelphia for six years, while working at QVC and Exelon After this, Tulio’s career took-off taking them onmany international assignments. In 2009, the family moved to Katy, and they liked what they saw.

“We love Katy,” Valeria said. “We didn’t want to move any more. We really like this area.”

Experimac offers numerous Mac products and a wall full of Mac accessories. Covering Katy photo.

They got active in the community. Their three children, ages 13, 11, and 7, enrolled in Katy Independent School District schools. Tulio Scacciati became a coach with the Katy Youth Soccer Club. Community involvement is a key principle in their lives.

“We run this business as a neighborhood store,” Tulio said. “The idea is to serve the community. We tell our employees that they need to become the customer’s trusted local expert. It’s more than just selling a certified pre-owned Apple® product. It’s a personalized service. You don’t have that benefit when you go to a major retailer.”

The family took the recent energy industry downturn to reconsider how to proceed with their careers while providing stability for their family. Experimac gives them the chance to pursue a new challenge. Experimac Katy North is a woman-owned minority business.

“Last year we were researching franchises,” Valeria said. “This one caught our eye early on. Experimac has over 100 stores worldwide and gives the customer a chance to experience Mac® computers in a different way. We love the concept.” The stores typically sell products at about 50-60% off the original retail price.

Their store is the first such store in Katy. They have franchise rights to six stores in all. Their territory runs from south of Cypress to Missouri City. Tulio said “our goal is to open two stores in the West Houston/Katy area, and the other three stores within the territory.”

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  1. Already upgraded to newer iPad there, great service and honest people, got a great deal on my old one and used the money towards a newer version, I think I was one of the first customers, love my new iPad I got from the store, they migrated all my files too. Thinking on my next Mac computer That i will also get from this store.

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