Katy Businesswomen add O’ My Buns! to their Tutti Frutti shop in Cinco Ranch

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A roti bun and fresh coffee from O’ My Buns in Cinco Ranch. – Courtesy O’ My Buns

KATY (Covering Katy) – Cinco Ranch has two cutting edge businesswomen who specialize in sweetness, and they have a history of leading the way nationally in the products they sell. Now they’re bring another new product to Katy.

Lonny Yu and Tam Luu have been business partners for eight years selling Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt. Tam launched the operation in 2009 and recently they added a new business to their lineup called O’ My Buns!

The roti bun, O’ My Buns signature product, originated in Singapore. It’s a sweet roll with a tasty icing that soaks into the crispy porous top of the puffy, buttery creation. You have the option to purchase buns with various delectable fillings like vanilla, cream cheese, and cinnamon walnut. You can also choose to have your bun topped with nuts, or even flax or sesame seeds.

“They are very unassuming in the display case, but when customers try them they love them,” Lonny said.

“They make a great snack or dessert item,” Tam added.

Roti buns may be new to Katy, but they are well known and very popular overseas.

“We’ve added different fillings that are designed for an American taste,” Tam said.

Tam Luu and Lonny Yu, owners of O’ My Buns. Covering Katy photo

“The chef who leads the research and development for O’ My Buns is a true talent in the kitchen. “He’s Korean, but he was classically trained in France,” Lonny said.

Soon O’ My Buns will be expanding its menu to include savory options to go with the sweet sensations currently being offered. There are also hot and iced beverages to accompany any order. You’ll want to try their Fair Trade organic teas and coffee. The coffee beans are fresh because they’re roasted upon request at the O’ My Buns corporate office. You can also buy cookies and pastries to go with your favorite beverage.

O’ My Buns is located in the same store as Tutti Frutti. It’s near LaCenterra and directly across from Cinco Ranch Junior High School.  It’s been in the same spot since it opened in 2009.

Tam and Lonny have deep roots in Cinco Ranch. Tam was a financial analyst for Newland Communities, the company that developed Cinco Ranch. She worked with the team that completed Cinco West, and she worked on the Cinco Southwest project from 2006 to 2010.

After working for Newland she opened Tutti Frutti when it was a newly created brand. It was just the second Tutti Frutti location in the Houston area, and just the third one in Texas. Both women grew the business concept and made it successful. They were also involved in helping other independent owners.  They helped open an additional 38 stores in the Houston area. Now both women are following the same path with O’ My Buns. They own a store and are helping other franchisees develop their operations too.
“We love food and we love to travel. We like bringing new things to this market,” Lonny said.

The new coffee brewer at O’ My Buns – Covering Katy photo

They also love to help people. “If there are any events that we can be involved in, whether it be spirit night or fundraisers, community or church events, we want to help,” Lonny said.

They are Houston natives. Tam has a finance degree from the University of Houston, and Lonny holds a degree from Texas A&M, where she majored in biomedical science and minored in religious studies.

Through it all they’ve remained residents of Cinco Ranch. “I live in Cinco. I remember when there was nothing out here,” Tam said.
They love their jobs and believe it’s their responsibility to assure customers leave their shop with a smile. “If a customer comes into a frozen yogurt shop, they are coming in for a treat. Even if someone comes in here after having a horrible day we want them to leave happy,” Lonny said.

“Our employees know that we stand for cleanliness and customer service. Even if we are not here, we are watching the cameras to be sure every experience is a great one for every customer who walks through the front door,” Lonny said.

“I wanted to own a business that I would be happy to come visit,” Tam said.

And for those who don’t have time to visit they will soon have Uber Eats and Door Dash available to deliver to you. Curbside service is also in the planning phase.

O’ My Buns has been operating for a few weeks, but they celebrated a Grand Opening weekend Jan. 27 – Jan 29 .

The Katy Area Chamber of Commerce hosted a ribbon cutting on Friday the Jan. 27 at noon.  The highlight was a Chinese lion dance at noontime on Sunday the 29th. It was a traditional performance where the lion ate dollar bills out of people’s hands.


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