How to get More Money for Your Trade-In

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Y Trade Autos Makes Car Buying Easier

Michael Watkins of Katy spent years working in the auto industry, and now he has designed a better way to buy a new car through his company Y Trade Autos. He says the experience is better for the buyer and the seller.

After 15 years in the automotive business managing fleet vehicle sales and selling Mercedes, BMWs, Toyotas and earning two master’s degrees, he’s now venturing out on his own. Watkins is redesigning how you trade your vehicle. He says if you take your trade-in vehicle out of the negotiation it simplifies the whole process.

Courtesy Y Trade Autos

“If you completely take the trade out of the deal you know exactly what you are paying for the new car,” Watkins said.

The problem is most people don’t have an easy way to sell their used car, at least not until now. Watkins has opened Y Trade Autos in Houston, which allows you, for a low cost, to consign your car. He provides the lot to display your vehicle and the marketing that will get your vehicle sold.

“We charge a $399 flat fee. It lists the car on all the major websites and also gets your car cleaned, and we do a detailed inspection,” Watkins said. “After the inspection, we can tell the customer what they need to do to the car to get maximum value,” he added.

“The only caveat is that they have to keep their own car insurance on the vehicle while it’s on the lot,” Watkins said.

After the vehicle is appraised, Y Trade Autos emails their customers a printout of the appraisal value, what is wrong with the car and what it will cost to fix the vehicle. Typically, within 24 to 48 hours they have the car online and on the lot. Watkins says it usually takes about 35 days to sell a vehicle.

“Once the deal with a customer is done we call the client and they can either choose to accept or decline, but we don’t call the client with a bad offer,” he said.

If you still have to drive your car while Y Trade Autos is marketing it that’s OK too.

“It may take longer to sell the vehicle if it’s not on our lot, but we’ll advertise it online and call the owner when a buyer is interested in seeing the vehicle,” Watkins said.

And when it’s time to buy a new car, Y Trade Autos can help customers with that too.

“We also have a $299 facilitator service,” Watkins said.

“We have a partnership where we can go out and get cars. So, if people can’t find anything they like on our lot we will help them find what they want.”

Y Trade Autos removes the need to visit multiple dealerships. Few people enjoy sitting at the negotiating table and waiting as sales representatives have to check with a manager numerous times during the process. He says his representatives help people get the best price.

“You’re not going to be upside down on the vehicle because we are going to educate you on the car,” he said.

We wondered how he can provide these services so inexpensively.

“I’m not paying inventory cost. There is no insurance cost for us and no cost to make the vehicle ready,” he added.

Aside from the facilitator fee, Y Trade Autos does not make any additional money from the sale of the car. They can keep their prices low because they also offer other products like car warranties.

“We believe that if a person is going to buy a used car it’s important to have a warranty. Our warranties cover everything,” Watkins said.

Watkins set out to make the car buying experience better, and now he’s succeeded.

“It’s about transparency. You get to be involved in the process and you know you’re getting a good deal,” he said.


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