B & W Remodelers Is Improving Neighborhoods One Home At A Time


KATY (Covering Katy) – How do you choose to become a home remodeler? You don’t. Home remodeling chooses you. Bud and Becky both came from families that had a passion and a pride for constantly updating their homes, keeping them stylish and comfortable in which to live.

In 1979, while traveling in the Katy area for business and loving the “country feel,” Bud and Becky found themselves making plans to build in Nottingham Country. They chose a corner lot, built a beautiful, comfortable home, moved in and eventually retired in 2000 and 2003, respectively, from their chosen careers. Their “family genes” emerged and they found themselves dabbling in helping friends and family modernize their homes.

It proved to be such a passion for the two of them, they soon had a thriving business that became B&W Remodelers. Many of the original subcontractors have remained loyal and are a part of the talented team of B&W Remodelers today.

As to be expected, changes in their home are a continual happening.

In 1979, the trend was separate kitchen, dining and living areas. Today, the open concept – one large area incorporating kitchen, dining and living areas – is more conducive to entertaining and family gatherings and is a favorite of builders and homeowners.

B & W Remodelers renovated this kitchen - Courtesy B & W Remodelers

A remodeled kitchen by B & W Remodelers.

Becky and Bud were among the firsts to “open” their living areas to this concept. Another favorite change was the addition of a beautiful bay window in the kitchen overlooking a stately weeping willow tree, endearingly named Willie, and most recently, a custom-built butler’s pantry that replaced the washer and dryer utility area. Becky says it is such a pleasure to see a beautiful serving area – the butler’s pantry – instead of a washer and dryer sitting right by the kitchen!

“Most any remodeling that you wish to make in your home is possible – we’ve proven that time and time again,” said Bud.

Bud and Becky head up a team that includes Blain Smolik, a knowledgeable and dedicated superintendent and licensed home inspector, and their son Steve Wyatt, a hands-on supervisor who has brought talent and passion to the business.

A B & W Remodelers home addition project.

A B & W Remodelers home addition project.

“We provide a written contract outlining the procedure, step by step, to our client. This is a feature of our contracts that we find the client really appreciates. No guesswork as to what comes next. Also, there are no hidden charges – the price stated on the contract is honored. We provide a time line for finishing, and customer satisfaction is paramount,” said Bud.

Because of their work ethic, B & W Remodelers is fortunate to have many repeat clients, some of which have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in remodeling. A Better Business Bureau gold certificate has been earned for customer satisfaction, and liability insurance is mandatory.

They’ve been serving the Katy area from the same location since 2000. Their plan is to “keep up the good work.” They say: “Happy 2016. What can we customize for you?”

Web Site: BandWRemodelersKaty.com
Phone: (281) 769-8613

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