The New and Unique Harris County Smokehouse attracts customers immediately

The Harris County Smokehouse serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner and you can get smoked meat with every meal. Covering Katy photo by Dennis Spellman

KATY (Covering Katy News) – The Harris County Smokehouse opened in June and its not had any problem attacting customers.. It is located next to Costco along the Grand Parkway at the Katy Freeway.  It’s unique because it’s not often that you have one restaurant that specializes in barbeque and breakfast, but owner Harry Chambers said that’s what makes the Harris County Smokehouse different.

Chambers says he’s spent most of his life working in breakfast restaurants.

“I was involved with the Kettle Restaurants. They sold breakfast like I-Hop or Denny’s,” Chambers said.

The Kettle Restaurant chain was founded by his family.

“We started that back in 1968, my family did. I worked for them all my life and then we sold out in 1995.”

He and his wife own two other Harris County Smokehouse restaurants and they’ve been looking for the right place in Katy because he says the economic demographics are right for his business. It’s not a franchise. It’s family owned.

“Katy has incredible economics and it’s only going to get ten times better,” he said.

He says his location in Cy-Fair frequently has a line to get in, and he believes that the Katy location will be even more popular.

“Katy is on fire. It’s so dynamic,” Chambers said. “When you do the research on traffic, population, what the household income is, it is 10 times what Cy-Fair is,” and he said his Cy-Fair restaurant is always busy.

Chambers believes the location at the intersection of I-10 and the Katy Freeway is key. He feels that the completion of Highway 99, the Grand Parkway, has made a tremendous difference in terms of business climate in Katy.

“99 has been a game changer,” Chambers said.

The restaurant can seat about 350 people and he says the food is made from scratch.

“Everything we do is just like we did back in 1968.”

Customers are welcomed by photos that pay tribute to the history of Katy. The dining room is rustic and the outside covered picnic tables have brightly colored artwork on their tops.

Chambers admits that running the Harris County Smokehouse is like running two restaurants because they serve breakfast and smoked meats.  Breakfast, they say, is important.

“We still believe it’s the best meal of the day,” the company website says of breakfast.  “That’s why we started serving BBQ bright and early at 7 a.m. We think you should be able to get fine Texas cookin’ any time of day, so stop by for breakfast, lunch or dinner any day of the week.”

They are open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. at their locations in Katy, Cy-Fair, and Tomball where they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Breakfast is served all day, seven days a week, with or without smoked meat.

Harris County Smokehouse owner Harry Chambers – Covering Katy photo


The dining room at the Harris County Smokehouse. Covering Katy photo


Customers ordering their food at the Harris County Smokehouse. Covering Katy photo

Outside picnic tables are covered by a roof and have fun, colorful artwork on them. Covering Katy photo


Outside picnic tables are covered by a roof and have fun, colorful artwork on them. Covering Katy photo


One of the booths is dedicated to Harry Chamber’s father. – Covering Katy photo


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