Community Oriented Chick-fil-A Sales Skyrocketing

Katy area Chick-fil-A operators Cynthia Cavin (CFA on Nelson Way near Katy Mills), Amanda Baca (CFA Morton Ranch), Cliff Parker (CFA Bella Terra), Rusty Wylie (CFA Mason Rd., Cinco Ranch, Greenhouse Road) and Sarah Beaton of Giving Tuesday Katy. Covering Katy photo by Dennis Spellman

Chick-fil-A has added more locations and their stores are selling more chicken than last year. That’s the bottom line explanation of why Chick-fil-A, only opened six of seven days per week, is poised to rank number 3 in restaurant sales in 2019.  The forecast is from restaurant industry analyst Kalinowski Equity Research.

In getting to the number 3 spot Chick-fil-A will jump over Taco Bell, Burger King and Wendy’s in sales.

In recent years Chick-fil-a has added several locations in the Katy area. Their local store operators are also very community oriented, frequently donating to local charities.

Sales at the privately owned chicken sandwich chain are expected to grow by as much as 15 percent to $10 billion in 2019.  That’s after experiencing 14-percent growth in the past year.

Part of what’s driving the growth is an increase in locations. Last year the chain added 8-percent more stores. There are now 2,100 operating locations as CFA pushed its growth into the Northeast and Midwest.

An increase in locations is not the only reason for the growth in sales. Research shows “comparable-store sales” are up between 4.5 percent and 7.5 percent.

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