Space Center Houston Earns Certified Autism Center Designation


Hope For Three staff and families pose with the Saturn V rocket at Rocket Park as part of the autism-friendly tour with Space Center Houston. Courtesy Hope for Three

HOUSTON (Covering Katy News) – Hope For Three is an Autism support group on a Mission for Inclusion. Earlier this week more than 60 family members from the organization visited Space Center Houston marking the first nonprofit organization to visit since Space Center Houston earned the designation as a Certified Autism Center.

Many people on the autism spectrum have sensory issues that may prevent them from going to public places. Being a Certified Autism Center demonstrates Space Center Houston staff members are trained and better equipped to serve someone with autism.

Additional accommodations are made by providing a “sensory scorecard,” extended hours with lower sound and better lighting, and a sensory backpack which includes darkened glasses, sound reducing headphones, and a stress ball.

“Facilities should become more inclusive to the autism community,” said Gayle Kildoyle, Hope For Three Operations Manager. “Allowing children to go to a variety of public places will better incorporate them into society and open the door to endless possibilities.  Maybe the next astronaut took a tour today!”

To help Hope For Three provide opportunities to local families and children in the autism community through donations and volunteering, please call 281-245-0640 or visit  To learn more about Space Center Houston visit


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