Firefighter’s Tactical Medical Team will help during events like school shootings

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Courtesy Community VFD

KATY/HOUSTON (Covering Katy News) – Following the school shooting in Santa Fe there has been a great deal of focus on how best to respond to mass causality emergencies. The Community Volunteer Fire Department announced that it has established a tactical medical team that is working alongside SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) teams during high risk situations to provide immediate lifesaving care.

“Having our medics trained and on the front lines with law enforcement provides us with the best opportunity to save the lives of victims of life-threatening trauma,” said the Community VFD online statement.

The Community VFD protects a portion of the Katy area along FM 1093. Its coverage area extends approximately 25 square miles into Northeast Fort Bend and Southwest Harris.

“The tactical medic team will be unarmed and work alongside SWAT teams in high risk situations to provide immediate lifesaving care,” said a statement on the fire department’s website.

“The tactical medics will be specifically trained in urgent trauma interventions such as tourniquet applications, emergency airway management and wound dressing,” continued the statement. “Tactical medics are prepared to respond to situations such as school shootings, raids by law enforcement or any other situation to supplement the SWAT teams.”

Funding for the program was provided by the Harris-Fort Bend Emergency Services District 100 commissioners.

The U.S. Army has found that hemorrhage is the leading cause of preventable death on the battlefield. The Community VFD believes the tactical medical team will help save lives by keeping patients from bleeding to death before they make it to the hospital.

Steve Flemming and Bradley Leech of the U.S. Navy are providing training to firefighters who are part of the tactical team. The Community VFD has also been working closely with the Fort Bend County Precinct 3 Constable’s Office and its tactical team. On May 22, the Community VFD tactical medics were on scene during a raid by Precinct 3 deputies in Weston Lakes.

The Community VFD tactical medical team is available by request for any law enforcement agency. Further information can be obtained by filling out the fire department’s contact form.

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