VLK Architects Proud of Katy ISD’s New Gerald D. Young Agricultural Sciences Center

Katy ISD Rodeo Arena. Covering Katy photo

KATY (Covering Katy News) – Many people in the Katy Independent School District community were able to see the newly expanded Gerald D. Young Agricultural Sciences facility for the first time at last month’s Katy ISD Livestock Show and Rodeo. The facility previously had school barns but now has a project center, an eco-pond, show pavilion, and covered rodeo arena.

With the tremendous growth of Katy ISD in mind, modern structures were created to allow for evolving student needs and to allow students and teachers to interact outside of the classroom.

Each building in the complex provides a venue for the advancement of agricultural education. The L.D. Robinson Pavilion houses the livestock and allows up to 2500 guests to enjoy the annual FFA Progress shows. The W.E “Billy” Morgan arena can accommodate 5000 spectators in a covered environment. The Project Center contains classrooms and lab spaces that support the Agricultural Sciences curriculum.

“We are excited to bring something this revolutionary to Katy ISD and the State of Texas,” said Todd Lien, Partner, VLK Architects. “Not only is this a tremendous expansion of the original facility but it is also providing a lasting legacy for the Gerald D. Young, L.D. Robinson, and W.E. “Billy” Morgan families that were honored here today.”

The new facility not only hosts FFA student projects but is also home to the annual FFA student livestock show.

Students in the district will have the opportunity to experience hands-on learning as they relate to the many facets of agricultural education. Students will be able to learn about plant and animal life systems, research diseases, and parasites that impact the lives of both.

The Gerald D. Young Agricultural Sciences Center supports the belief that real-world experiences are the best learning experiences for students. Not only does this program produce future farmers, but also future educators, scientists, business owners, and community leaders.

“Katy, then, and now, has changed tremendously,” said Lex Allgaier, grandson of W.E. “Billy” Morgan. “We may not be the small rice farming community we once were, but that passion for agriculture still lives on by the sheer numbers of those involved in FFA in the Katy district. “This arena is proof that this passion is still strong and burning through in Katy. It is a blessing for my grandfather to be recognized for such an amazing facility.”

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