Thirteen Katy ISD Students Earn Highest Possible ACT Score

KATY (Covering Katy News) –  Katy Independent School District is celebrating a rare feat:  13 of its high school students recently found out that they obtained a perfect score, a 36, on the ACT exam.  Not only is this a major achievement for the district but it’s a rare one as well, considering that less than .1 percent of all test takers earn the top score.

Only 3,741 out of the nearly 2.1 million students who took the ACT earned a composite score of 36.

In a letter to these students ACT Chief Executive Officer Marten Roorda congratulated them for their outstanding performance and stated, “Your exceptional scores will provide any college or university with ample evidence of your readiness for the academic rigors that lie ahead.”

The ACT consists of tests in English, mathematics, reading and science, each scored on a scale of 1-36.  ACT scores are accepted by all major United States four-year colleges and universities.

The following Katy ISD students earned a perfect score on the ACT:

Richard Zhu of Taylor High School

Patrick White of Taylor High School

Emma Dyson of Taylor High School

Waiz Khan of Seven Lakes High School

Sean Heffernan fo Seven Lakes High School

Rishi Tummala of Tompkins High School

Ridwana Islam of Tompkins High School

Kristi Zhang of Tompkings High School

Kalyyanee Nanaaware Tompkings High School

Jianuo Wang of Tompkins High School

Elysia Wu of Tompkins High School

Jacob Severin of Katy High School

Justin Zhang of Cinco Ranch High School

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