Seven Lakes High School Football Coach Reassigned to Paetow High School


KATY (Covering Katy News)—In an unexpected move, the Katy Independent School District has reassigned Seven Lakes football coach and athletics director Lydell Wilson to Paetow High School to serve as a teacher/coach.

Wilson began his duties at Paetow, the district’s newest high school, on February 12.

Wilson coached the Spartans from 2012-17. Last year’s squad finished with a 4-6 record. His overall record was 30-32, with both the 2012 and 2014 teams making the bi-district round of the playoffs.

Seven Lakes staff and boosters were told of the move in a February 7 e-mail, which also said that the processing of selecting a new head football coach was underway.

“Please know that our commitment to the students, staff, and community of Seven Lakes is our highest priority as we move forward,” the statement read in part.

Covering Katy has reached out to school district officials for more information on this developing story.

One district source said he was unfamiliar with the exact circumstances of the reassignment but that he was quite sure it was not due to “moral turpitude,” meaning he did not believe it was due to an event that would be concerning to the community.

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