Second and Third Graders take part in Invention Convention at Faith West Academy

Faith Montgomery, The Clean Table – Covering Katy photo

KATY/HARRIS COUNTY (Covering Katy News) – Second and third-grade students from Faith West Academy were challenged to come up with an idea for a product that’s not currently being sold on the market, and display it at the school’s Invention Convention.  The event was held Thursday, in the school’s gymnasium.

The focus was primarily in coming up with an idea, more than inventing an actual product, but some students had some impressive prototypes.

Below we have featured five of the young inventors who took part in Thursday’s event.

The Clean Table

Second-grade student Faith Montgomery not only came up with an idea, but she also created a prototype of her Clean Table invention.

It looks like a child size coffee table. It is rectangular and has small jets in each of the four corners that squirt window cleaner. So when you are done making a mess, simply squeeze on the attached bottle and the table is sprayed with cleaner. Then you simply take a towel and wipe it clean.

She’s already shown her invention to Mattress Mack, arguably Houston’s king of furniture sales.  Bradley Chesnick owns several Ethan Allen furniture stores in the Houston area and he too had checked out the table. See video below.

Faith Montgomery with Bradley Chesnick of Ethan Allen Furniture


Faith Montgomery with Mattress Mack


The Rat Catcher

Third grader Lee Broussard with teacher Donna Parker – FWA photo

Third-grader Lee Broussard built a four-wheeled, remote-controlled prototype of what he calls The Rat Catcher.  It has a night the vision camera and he says it took him 4 to 6 days to build.

It looks like a dune buggy with a big snapping device on the front that grabs the rat.

“The best part was buying and getting the rubber rats,” Lee told Covering Katy News.

The ability to operate it remotely is pretty cool too.

“You can be on your couch or on the bottom story of your house when you are running it,” Lee said.

The Light Checker

Thomas Garcia – The Light Checker – Covering Katy photo

Third-grader Thomas Garcia had the intriguing idea of a special app that would tell you how many traffic lights are on a particular route.

“It would help people who are in a hurry,” Thomas said.

If the App were to be produced commercially, he would also have it show how long a red light lasts at each intersection.

The Bed Maker

Olivia Jiminian – The Bed Maker – Covering Katy photo by Dennis Spellman

Second-grader Olivia Jiminian invented the bedmaker.

Bedclothes are tied to a rope that’s connected behind the headboard and in the morning you just crank the sheets back into place and go on your way.

It’s perfect for the child or adult who hates to make the bed.


The Grab N Go

Sarah Krotzer, the Grab N Go – Covering Katy photo by Dennis Spellman

Second Grade student Sarah Krotzer made what she calls the Grab N Go which connects all the items that she needs for school and allows her to toss them over her shoulder and get on her way.

“It’s a thing that will help you carry your school supplies,” Sarah said.  “I needed it because I’m always late,” she said.

She says with the Grab N Go she’s not late anymore.

More than just an idea

Each student journaled about their experiences from start to finish. They also had to create a sales brochure, explain where it would be sold and at what price. Perhaps the most important thing is that each product had to have a purpose.  The second-grade students were tasked with “inventing” a prototype of something that could be used at home.  Third-grade student’s products had to be something that would be used at school or in a community.





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