Katy ISD Names Nurse of the Year

From left: Linnea Griffith, principal of Bonnie Holland Elementary; Lance Hindt, superintendent of Katy ISD; Kim Cromie, campus nurse at Bonnie Holland Elementary Huskie – campus mascot; Therese Highnote – Director of Health Service. – Katy ISD Photo

KATY (Covering Katy News) – “Save one life and you are a hero. Save one hundred lives and you are a nurse.” That is one of the most notorious quotes to describe nurses, the dedicated professionals who are critical to the medical field. The Katy Independent School District has 74 campus nurses, and Kim Cromie, from Bonnie Holland Elementary, has been named the 2017-18 Nurse of the Year!

Nominations for the “Nurse of the Year” recognition were submitted earlier this year by colleagues across the district who described why a particular nurse was outstanding.  The required criteria included professionalism, work experience, volunteerism and clinic management experience.

Cromie was brought to tears when she learned she was the final candidate for Katy ISD.

“Being a school nurse is immensely rewarding because not only are you instrumental in keeping students healthy, you also provide valuable information to keep the entire campus safe,” said Cromie. “It’s very gratifying when I end my day knowing that my work protects the Bonnie Holland Huskies.  Being able to serve our students and community in this way is a privilege and a gift,” added Cromie.

The Director of Health Services for Katy ISD, Therese Highnote, stated that a school nurse isn’t just about taking temperatures and administering bandages.  All across the district, campus nurses are in a position to promote wellness, prevention and provide access to care for children to be healthy.

In the hospital setting during an emergency situation, there is no red button to push and a team comes flying in with equipment and medications to give. The school nurse stands alone with her knowledge, experience, and professionalism ready to react when needed.

Linnea Griffith, the principal of Bonnie Holland Elementary indicated, “It is a wonderful opportunity to be a part of this recognition and to show Kim how much everyone at Bonnie Holland Elementary appreciates everything she does.” In 2017, a collaboration between Nurse Cromie, the Bonnie Holland elementary staff and Texas Children’s Hospital resulted in the campus being recognized as a “Project Adam Heart Safe School.”

Besides keeping students healthy, nurse Cromie also mentors other nurses in Katy ISD.

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