Katy ISD hits Dolan with Cease and Desist Order after posting phony employment advertisement

A screenshot from Sean Dolan’s election announcement video. Dolan says he will run for school board in May 2019.

KATY (Covering Katy News) – Blogger and Katy ISD critic Sean Dolan has been issued a cease and desist order by the school district after he took to the internet to advertise a non-existent national search for a superintendent at Katy ISD. He took an internal job opening and deceptively made it appear to be an active job opening for anyone to apply.

Dolan called it “a national search” for Katy ISD superintendent candidates. The truth is there is not a search underway for a superintendent nationally, but the district has posted a search for internal candidates.

“If anyone outside of Katy ISD is still interested in this position, feel free to contact me to discuss,” Dolan posted. “If anyone internally is interested in this position, I’d be happy to discuss with you as well,” he added in his online post.

The Katy ISD Board of Trustees recently discussed a potential national search, and four of the seven trustees opposed the idea in part because they think the political environment created by Dolan and his supporters will scare off the best candidates.

The majority of the school board appears to support having acting superintendent Ken Gregorski promoted to the superintendent’s post so that he can carry out the changes implemented by outgoing superintendent Lance Hindt. According to Dolan’s writing, he appears to oppose all things Hindt and may be seeking to pressure the board to conduct a national search instead of an internal search.

Dolan, who began by claiming his mission was to stop bullying at Katy ISD, has now ventured into matters handled by the district’s human resources department, and it could cause him additional legal troubles because he’s used all or a portion of the district’s trademarked logo to do so.

“The District hereby demands that you immediately cease and desist using Katy ISD’s logo or trademarks on any websites, social media accounts or online content for which you have control over,” the cease and desist order states.

The district is already looking at suing those who drove superintendent Lance Hindt to retire. Hindt said there were repeated social media attacks on his wife and daughter, attacks so repulsive that he will not discuss them in public. The district will not comment, but it’s believed that Dolan is the biggest target of that potential lawsuit.

Dolan’s apparent attempt to force the board to walk away from Gregorski also adds additional fire to his critics who have said that his campaign is based on a vendetta against Hindt and has nothing to do with bullying. Gregorski is expected to carry on with the priorities of Hindt.

As of the time that this story was posted, Dolan had not taken his “national” job posting down, even though Katy ISD General Counsel Justin Graham issued the cease and desist order dated Dec. 5, 2018. Covering Katy found the legal order posted on Dolan’s website.

“You are not an employee of Katy ISD, and the District has not approved you or your company as a vendor which has the authority to speak or collect information for Katy ISD,” the legal document states. “It has been reported to the District that you and/or your corporation or its representatives are advertising that you are affiliated with the Katy ISD Superintendent Search or a Superintendent Job Opening in Katy, Texas.”

“A cursory review of some of the materials you have posted shows that you have taken the official job posting from the District’s website and revised it to include intentionally inaccurate, false and misleading information which is not consistent with the District’s official posting. In fact, you continue to use the District’s internal job posting number; however, you indicate that you are authorized to accept resumes and applications on behalf of Katy ISD and that interested applicants should contact you directly,” the legal document states.

Dolan says he plans to run for the school board in 2019.

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