Katy ISD Announces Principal Recognition Nominees

From left: Kwabena Mensah and David Paz

McRoberts Elementary and Mayde Creek Junior High to represent Katy ISD

KATY (KATY ISD) – The Katy Independent School District has announced that McRoberts Elementary Principal Dr. Kwabena Mensah and Mayde Creek Junior High Principal Dr. David Paz, were chosen for Katy ISD’s Region IV Principal Recognition.

“Mensah and Paz were selected by their peers for their ability and willingness to make meaningful contributions to education, their desire for continuous personal and professional growth, and their ability to inspire Katy ISD students and staff,” said a statement from Katy ISD.

They will be recognized along with campus administrators from school districts in the surrounding area at the Region IV Principal Recognition ceremony on Wednesday, April 5, 2017 at Hotel ZaZa in Houston.


  1. It’s nice to know the work ethic and determination of most building principals has been noted! Truth be told, there is no way campus administrators OR teachers can get their jobs done during “regular hours”. Although teachers have a scheduled planning time (Texas Education Code 21.404), it is often taken with mandatory meetings such as ARDs. Most teachers are required to meet with their teammates during at least one day at planning time for team “business”, and then there are those required meetings with instructional coaches and curriculum specialists that come during the (supposedly) state-mandated, legally required planning time! Although teachers have to “agree” to give up their planning time, those who wish to keep their jobs do what’s asked. It’s actually ludicrous; anyone who believes teachers have it “easy” is sadly mistaken. Ask any child who has a teacher parent, ask any spouse of a teacher what happens most nights and Sunday afternoons in their homes. Teachers never stop having “homework”!

    Similarly, campus administrators put in mega-hours without compensation. Their benefits do not include “comp time” and there is no “bonus pay” for overtime work. The majority of campus principals arrive at school early and stay late. If the job is done right, constant interaction with staff, students and parents takes up ALL the minutes of the school day.

    Thank you, Just Thinking! I, too, encourage readers to hug a principal or AP, and hug our teachers…They deserve your heartfelt appreciation.
    Terri Majors

  2. Our campus level educators don’t get much recognition and I am happy for these two gentlemen.

    All across the district when you drive past an elementary school even though class got out at 3:30 and there are no night time activities scheduled pay close attention to the one or two cars still parked out front. Cruise by on other days and see the same car or two.

    Many of these principals get to the “office” hours before classes begin and many more of them stay late into the evening getting caught up.

    It isn’t just football coaches during football season who live on campus for 60 plus hours a week.

    Hug a principal and a couple of teachers this week. Believe me they will appreciate it and they need it too.

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