Katy Football Stadium Spending Leaves School Board in a Bind

KATY (Covering Katy) – On the same day that Covering Katy discovered an additional $9 million was spent on the football stadium project with little fanfare, the school board was also attempting to figure out how to pay for school overcrowding that is either a problem now or will be a problem within the next year. The problem of overcrowding is so severe that Superintendent Lance Hindt would like to put Elementary School 41 on the fast track to relieve overcrowding at Randolph Elementary School in Fulshear.

Overcrowding is a problem that is systemic and something that was known at the time board members used $12 million in surplus money from previous bonds to upgrade the stadium and to fix mistakes made during the planning process. The district overlooked very basic elements of the construction project. It did not sufficiently plan for road improvement to properly address additional traffic. It even had to add nearly $1 million to the project to clear the property before construction could begin.

Overcrowding problems don’t end with Randolph Elementary School.

“If we don’t do something with Cross Creek Ranch Elementary School we’ll have the potential of having one of the largest elementary schools in the history of Katy ISD,” said Hindt at Monday night’s board meeting.

Hindt took office long after the board added more than 20 percent to the cost of the stadium, which is now considered the most expensive high school football stadium in the world. He also seems to have different priorities from the previous Frailey administration.

All the members of the school board, with the exception of newly elected member George Scott, voted to add some or all of the $12 million to the cost of the stadium project. Scott was not on the board at the time those decisions were made. Nine million dollars of additional funding was quietly slipped by the general public during board meetings in 2015. It was done legally in open meetings but was somehow missed by the media, and the school district did not call attention to what was being done. It is not unusual for the district to survey the general public about major decisions, but that did not happen when additional money was added to the football stadium.

The $3 million additional stadium spending that did catch the attention of the media was used to address mistakes in the district’s planning process and to finish off the second floor of the field-house.

At Monday night’s board meeting Hindt seemed to favor putting another bond on the ballot in November of next year, but he signaled a very different philosophy from the previous Frailey administration when it comes to nonessential spending.

“I don’t think it’s going to be a bells and whistles type of bond. I don’t foresee that in the future. I foresee bonds for growth and bonds for equity.”

Chief Operations Officer Thomas Gunnell was asked for an estimation of how many schools will be needed in the short-term to address growth.

“Maybe four elementary schools. Maybe two junior highs and a high school,” Gunnell responded.

Board members seemed fully aware of the overcrowding issues. Veteran board member Brian Michalsky admitted that the board may have to take money out of the operating budget of the school district to address the issue.

“If we push this past 2017 for another year we are probably going to have to come up with funds from our general operating budget to bridge some of that. Or, we end up with schools that are well over their capacities, maybe at record levels,” Michalsky said.

Michalsky’s revelation means the board was fully aware that they were giving the stadium project an additional $12 million of unspent bond while there was a looming overcrowding problem that needed to be addressed. The move signaled that the board was more interested in dealing with stadium problems than overcrowding issues.

For comparison, the newly opened Bethke Elementary School cost $30 million. That means the board’s additional spending on the football stadium could have paid nearly half the cost of a new elementary school.

Board member George Scott seemed unimpressed at Monday night’s board meeting.

“I believe that every bond dollar should be like a gold brick at Fort Knox. We’ve got a tremendous obligation to these students,” said Scott.

Hindt said the board could wait until November of 2018 to put its next bond on the ballot, but he believes the overcrowding problem needs attention sooner rather than later.

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“We’ll have Seven Lakes Junior High that will be larger than any other junior high. It will be larger than Woodcreek if we don’t do something there,” Hindt said.

While the school district is growing at a slower pace than predicted a year ago, it’s still growing.  “We’re looking at 22-hundred to 25-hundred growth in a year,” Hindt said.

During the campaign Scott said, “The Football stadium is a $60 million solution to a $40 million problem.” Now that the stadium price tag has increased to about $72 million, Scott tells Covering Katy, “The facts have not changed, only the price tag went up.”

On Monday night Scott told the board that he understands the need for future bonds to address growth but he wants a much different approach in the future.

“I have concerns that when I look at stadiums that could be built for a lot less money and when I look at different projects as I’ve done over the years, I just want to have a better understanding of facilities and planning. That’s what I want, and that’s the approach I’m going to take if I have to pull the data myself,” he said.



  1. No he’s not going to answer that question with a yes or no. If he answers yes, he knows it makes him a fool. So he will ignore that and talk about other’s maturity.

  2. The capacity of Rhodes Stadium is more than adequate for all but 1-3 football games. I attended nearly all the games at Rhodes from 2001-13 and there were swaths of empty seats all over. Yes, Katy HS typically is jammed on its side of the field, but that’s only 4,600- 5,000 including all the band and spirit squads. When Cinco Ranch was more competitive from 2007-2012, seats were harder to come by on their side, but that has changed. I’ve been able to get to 2 games this year and easily found 2 seats for me and my wife at a Taylor game and at a Cinco game after game had already started. And please don’t ask me how many empty seats can be found at a Mayde Creek, Morton Ranch or 7 Lakes game. Haven’t seen Tompkins play yet, so I can’t comment on them. It just seems that a 7-8,000 seat venue would have been suitable and is just fine for most KISD games. And the price tag would’ve been far less than $72 million.
    In my hometown in NM, the 4 district schools share a 10,000 seat stadium. When the 2 oldest and long-time rival schools play for the 52nd time this Friday, the district rents the NMSU football stadium, as they have for the last 20 years, and they typically draw 22,000- 28,000 for that one. Money well spent in this instance.
    Just my $12 million worth! A little too late to backtrack now.

  3. Jamie, your numbers are no more based in fact than Texans fans’ beliefs that their team will be the first to host and win a Super Bowl…$58M is too high and was put in the wrong place. However, you can keep telling everyone about your “facts” and the rest of us will enjoy the show.

  4. The place where I played high school football in California in 2007 had a stadium that seated just under 8,000 and was built in the late 50s. We played CIF-SS pac-5 which at the time was rated higher than any other division in the country (including Texas). I only mention this to show it wasn’t some backwoods division that could get away with sub par facilities. Every school in our district shared a stadium with the school closest to them. They just built a new stadium for the two new high schools that have popped up since I was in school and it cost 9.5 million and will be used for at least the next 20 years before they have to worry about any renovations. I went to check it out the last time I was home and it’s really nice. Nothing that’s going to wow you, but it’s just for high school kids anyways. The idea that you NEED to build a 72 million dollar stadium for 7-10 schools to share is laughable. The spending on Texas stadiums is out of control.

  5. That’s a nice catchphrase Bill, even if it should be $58M problem since that is what the public voted for. The rest is based on real numbers if you do just a little research, not rationalization. Look up the costs to build schools and facilities, they go up each year and have never been cheap to start with. If you live in Katy ISD and you don’t like what is happening, then vote the board out. It is very easy to Monday morning quarter back anything!

  6. It’s a $70M solution to a $40M problem. Period. The rest of what you write is wishful rationalization.

  7. Not EVERYTHING Andy, not everything… In fact, there’s much truth to what he writes – though slightly dramatized at times. Your view of the “first class facilities” in KISD are laughably myopic on a global (full-school-district) scale – VERY laughable.

  8. Talk like that will have Lance LaCour or one of his minions knocking at your door to “take care” of any “issues” you may have with Katy’s economic and academic growth plans. Yeah, ‘ol Lance isn’t going to let someone simply crack his little nest-egg by having an opinion (based in fact) different than his…

  9. So was the stadium not OK at $58 million? Did it need the extra $12 to live up to your expectation as an appropriate place to socialize during Friday night lights? Or would you have been happy to use the plan that was approved by the voters? I’m just looking for some clarification. At what price point did the stadium start living up to your expectations? Is your need for a $70 million dollar stadium more important than building an elementary school to relieve over crowding? You can still socialize at a $20 million dollar stadium and that would leave Katy ISD with enough money to build one and a half elementary schools. Your side accused Covering Katy of hating kids for questioning the spending on the stadium. Hmmm….. how does that work now? Seems those kids who live with overcrowded conditions would disagree with that statement.

  10. I’ve put 3 kids through KISD and can testify that everything DannyJane wrote is totally wrong. What DannyJane has written doesn’t even remotely resemble what I’ve observed over the years. Two of my kids are currently excelling in college (one about to graduate from UT) thanks to the great educational foundation provided by KISD.

    Those before us built the first class facilities we use. We are building first class facilities for future generations. I invite anyone that doesn’t like football to go and take in the efforts of the band, color guard, drill team, choir, cheerleaders, ROTC, and AV students. “Friday Night Lights” is where the student body, parents and community meet – an awesome Texas tradition well worth the cost.

  11. Let’s address the real problem here…unimpeded, explosive growth in Katy and lack of fiscal realism. Enact some limitations on who, how, and where subdivisions and apartment complexes are built. Overzealous growth never leads to positive outcomes: traffic, environment, and overcrowded or understaffed schools/public services. The related problem in Katy is mishandling of educational funds: poor prioritization of spending, lack of project supervision both fiscally with time lines, -and a belief that the residents have so much money they can continue to increase debt and build build build, piggybacking on the oil boom. Well the boom is over, folks have lost jobs, /!: the companies are not bringing in highly paid workers right now. It’s like a microcosm of the US government.
    It would behoove the city and school district to brng in some board members or a superintendent or consultant to clean up the mess. Slow the growth in Katy to a manageable rate and force some fiscal and accountability on county politicians and school officials.

  12. I think capacity has a lot to do with the cost per seat. If the stadium only had 100 seats think of what the cost would be. Your apples to apples logic means the stadium should be doubled or tripled in size to reduce the cost per seat.

  13. Hi Linda.

    A number of the zones south of I-10 going to Katy HS has some pretty good athletes there, so it’s best you back off…or Tiger Nation will pounce!

  14. Wow, you must be AT LEAST 16! I mean, the “butt hurt” is a real stinger – I’ll bet George won’t be seen around these parts again anytime soon!

  15. Another tremendous addition to the conversation – but are $72M stadiums needed? You still have refused to acknowledge that with a yes/no. You instead just spout off about maturity and needs for sports – I agree about sports.

    Now, are you actually going to talk about the topic at hand or not?

  16. I lived in Katy. I have a grandchild who is in their school district. I hate football. with a burning, firey rage. Now, once again, I am howling mad.

    Our children can’t read. They have not even the sketchiest idea of geography. They have no concept how our government works. There are no enrichment classes. Music? Art? Shop classes? Gone the way of the dodo. Teachers buy supplies out of their own underpaid pockets and all of is because why? No money. Property taxes are astronomical. Schools send their underage salesmen out into the world to raise money. Ask for special education for handicapped kids and get told that it’s too expensive.


    Somehow there’s always money for football. What does football do for the kids who attend school? Well, they learn that less that .1% of their classmates are deserving of special treatment in everything from grades to criminal behavior. The rest, the unworthy, the ones who can’t or don’t want to throw a ball, they are the ones who pay for that .1% to live their privileged lives.

    Previously there were stories of stadiums built with $10,000,00 price tags. That was disgusting. The idea that a new stadium is being built with money that should be used to educate ALL kids is so far beyond obscene as to be in need of a new word to describe it.

  17. Why do people want football anyway? Kids are still growing and their bones can be damaged. They get long term health injuries. Other sports are better for their health. Music is good. Football is a way to draw in money from alumni who remember the good old days. I feel sorry for the teachers and kids who need new school buildings and decent pay while coaches make obscene amounts of money.

  18. The use of additional funds is extreme and the way it was done should be investigated. The Board should resign or be replaced in the next election. That being said, the cost of the stadium, or the original cost is not that much out of reason. Consider that the stadium will be for 7 high schools immediately and 8 to 10 high schools in the next 5 or 10 years.
    If you look at other high schools in Texas and other states where each high school has it’s own stadium seating 7,00 to 10,000 people and what the cost would be to build each of those stadiums, let’s go conservative and say only $15M per. For the current 7 high schools you are looking at $105M and then as we build each of the new high schools in the future we would need to build a new stadium at each of those schools. Each year that passes construction costs go up. Each high school already cost over $150M to build.
    Again, I think that the former administration pulled a fast one and that the current members of the board who voted to push the additional funds through should ALL be replaced.

  19. But the same Board told us the Merrell Center would pay for itself in no time.

    I just checked the calendar of events and the major events there can be counted on 2 hands.

    And yes, we’re still paying for it 10 years later.

  20. Wrong on so many counts. The stadium was soundly defeated when it was presented to voters by itself. Then Frailey and the Board added it to the general bond election, telling those who were against the stadium that we were “against the children” if we voted “No” to the general bond.

    I work for a European company. We see plenty of coworkers from Europe coming HERE for medical treatment. Friends who moved to Canada return HERE for their medical care even though they’re covered in Canada. The US leads the world in “medical tourism” – people who travel solely for medical treatment. Not a single European country is even in the top 15 medical destinations.

  21. I’m with you on that. We need Trustees taking care of building Schools, and in larger sizes to handle more sudents, not Sport palaces that are not needed. We could have rented a stadium over the next 200 years aat $72,000,000.

  22. The issue is not whether a stadium was needed, the issue to quote George Scott is that many people believe we have built a $72 million dollar stadium to solve a $40 million dollar problem. Many people believe the second stadium should have been smaller. The big games could have happened at Rhodes and games that did not attract as many people could take place at the new stadium. Then there would have been some $30 million dollars left over for other needs in the district. Perhaps some of that money would have also been used to give Rhodes a few more seats. Some students get trailers while others get an NFL stadium.

  23. Next, you will probably want the administration to eliminate art clubs, music departments, debate clubs, etc. next. Grow up, sports are needed for a well rounded educational experience.

  24. KISD needs the stadium badly. We have 7 6-A sized high schools and only one stadium to use now. We also need new schools too. Have you seen all the temporary buildings at the Elementary and Middle Schools. We have a very large and growing school district and all of these facilities are needed.

  25. I don’t believe that’s relevant to the discussion. If you’d like to be pedantic, then your ellipses followed by an exclamation point are grammatically incorrect.

    The point of language is to convey meaning, and if that meaning is conveyed (however grotesque it may be to your eyes), then the communicator has done their job in communicating their message.

    Grammar exists for more than one reason. Besides the obvious reason of providing a coherent and structured language, it also helps separate the “elite” from the rest of the population by implicitly displaying a person’s status through their use of grammar. A higher status represents a better education, something that used to be inaccessible to the lower class.

  26. People don’t trust the people they elect?

    How about a little more self hate?

    Instead of blaming your employees and pretending you’re victims learn about the concepts of integrity, voting and involvement. Get involved and elect competent people who want to help build a great country instead of people who want something for themselves or their friends.

    What kind of fools even talk about spending 10’s of millions of educational tax dollars so a few kids can entertain us while building a lifetime debt of mental & emotional problems related to head trauma? It’s like people don’t even understand the goals they are supposed to be working towards.

    Stop voting for idiots, friends, rich people who will trickle on your head, a party, and power hungry fools who have no interest or experience doing the job you’re electing them to do. There are a lot of good people who only care about kids getting a good education so we can build a better country.

    Take responsibility for the results of your votes and stop blaming the idiots you elect.

  27. kisd should just convert all their schools to football stadiums…nfl players make way more $ than whatever kind of labour workers Katy will be churning out

  28. You want to be mad about something? HEre is something that compares apples to apples. NRG stadium cost $4,486 a seat. Katys new stadium is costing $6,166 a seat (as long as the price doesn’t go up more)

  29. And as long as they continue to have folks look no deeper than headlines and press releases, we will “stay” #1 because The Chronicle said so! LOL!

  30. Sorry, but providing for yourself and your own family will NEVER go out of style. EVER.

    Now, if you also choose to help others on top of that then that’s fine. However, being forced into systems that are poorly run (it IS a govt program!) and becoming more and more costly each year, is NOT the same thing and NOT a way to “help” everyone.

  31. It makes no sense when you are transporting children from south of I-10 to Katy HS, when you have CR HS, Tompkins HS, Seven Lakes HS, Taylor HS. The rezoning needs to happen quick and stop wasting $$ Katy. Wait we are already underwater with the stadium. Something that has nothing to do with education. Maybe you would be better off paying people to home school to keep from overcrowding.

  32. Holly, no one said it’should not a great district but they are going broke or going to upcharge homeowners. If u OK with that maybe we should send you the $72 million bill. The focus is no longer on education. It’s about how big our schools can be and have the largest stadium we can build. So now what are we teaching our children to have the biggest ego or have knowledge and power?

  33. Problem is we just built 500 apartment complexes with estimate of about 15000 more students. What did Katy expect?

  34. You are no help Littlejohn. TECHNOLOGY is causing people to live longer and keeping babies alive when born at 21-22 weeks where lifelong body systems are under developed and may be no assistance to contributing to our society. So get use to it. U are going to pay for non insured and under insured. Its against the law for hospitals to turn anyone away. Might as well make Healthcare available to everyone or we will pay big time. No way around it.

  35. Problem is we just built 500 apartment complexes with estimate of about 15000 more students. What did Katy expect?

  36. This is a deplorable comment and have plenty of them in Katy that’s why we are under budget. WHY not get deplorable Drumpf to pay his taxes.

  37. I won’t be voting to approve any further bonds for KISD until all of the board members who voted for the additional $12M are gone. Every last one of them. They obviously can’t be trusted with our money. I encourage all KISD voters to stand with me until the message is loud and clear. The board must go. Resign, voted out. Matters not. But until the last one is off the board I won’t be approving any more bonds.

  38. Katy Texas? This is probably another GOP trickle down effort. You know, the elementary kids can lick the scum off the floor of the stands as their school lunch program.

  39. Larry, I hope for your sake that neither you nor anyone you care about ever becomes seriously ill. Because aside from the obvious downsides of being ill, having a serious medical condition in America means going broke.

    Though, maybe you’re fine with that. Being an ‘anti government’ and ‘anti tax’ voter, you also probably see no need for roads, the military, air traffic control, a court system, or even the internet (which wouldn’t even exist without government and taxes).

  40. So what was the metric for performance-based funding for the stadium that will bankrupt your schools?

  41. The damage is already done, and now bond money will have to be raised to fund the actual schools—-so higher taxes. Gotta hand it to TX, their priorities are royally out of whack! Let’s spend our school budget on a few kids. The rest can eat cake when voters decide not to pony up to run the schools properly. Enjoy the games, folks, because they are going to turn out to be VERY expensive for you.

  42. Since when was football part of education? The only “SJW thieves” in question are the corrupt officials using taxpayer money for privatized profit and then screaming “THIS IS FOR MURICA”

  43. > Roads? Upgrading the roads is TxDOT’s job, if they stopped wasting money on bicycle lanes they’d have more money to spend on priorties like getting people to and from our football games.

    You must be a troll. You seem more concerned about “our football games” than “wasting money” for bicycle lanes that all citizens / taxpayers actually get to USE 7 days a week.

  44. Your reasons for “how things used to be” don’t apply any more. Healthcare costs are so high now that it’s almost impossible for the average person to just walk in and pay cash. I’m not sure why so many people are against helping ourselves as a nation, but we’re constantly shooting ourselves in the foot with these antiquated, every-man-for-himself policies.

    As far as this football stadium is concerned: shame. Absolute shame. Incredible lack of foresight and minimal commitment to education. Congratulations Katy, your school board just cost your local taxpayers 72 million dollars that they’ll never recoup.

  45. People of Katy: I have a revolutionary idea: schools should be educational institutions rather than sports clubs.

  46. This isn’t exactly a pattern in Texas and there are more people moving to Texas than just about any other state you imbecile, hardly a laughing stock.

  47. Do elementary kids play football (that anyone wants to watch)? No.

    Roads? Upgrading the roads is TxDOT’s job, if they stopped wasting money on bicycle lanes they’d have more money to spend on priorties like getting people to and from our football games.

    Sure enough, you’ve got some SJW on here talking about equity when reaching his hand into your pocket, instead of his patriotic duty to address the communities concerns surrounding our football program

  48. What we shud really do is sell off all the scooles and build more football stadiums. Who ever lerned anything they could use in the real world anyways at scool?

  49. I consider myself a anti-government anti tax voter and I do not believe it’s the governments job to provide healthcare.
    When I was growing up, health insurance did not exist. People went to the doctor, got treated, paid and left. Yes I know that healthcare has come a long way and that has helped people live longer, but I also believe that, like everything else, it should be a user pays system. If you don’t go to the doctor, you don’t pay for someone else to go. If you read why the affordable care act is crumbling, you will see that they need healthy people to pay for it.
    What are the scariest nine words someone can hear? I’m from the government and I’m here to help.

  50. Katy Independent School District is ranked number 1 for 2016 in the Houston metro area. So…while yes, this was probably a stupid decision, they do still have a good school district

  51. Have you given any thought to how outraged some people will be when you rezone and their kids now have to go to one of those east end schools and not the newer school zone where they bought a house? No one will agree to that kind of re-zoning. It sounds good to you and me, but oh! the screaming that will ensue…

  52. Great remarks! Why don’t you ever appear at school board meeting to address your concerns?

    I am proposing concrete solutions to deal with the issues. Surely wish I had your support in public. But, I guess, you are still a toothless watchdog at heart – all bark no bite.

    Thanks for all your help in public since May 31. Don’t remember seeing you at any board meeting! Thanks, again, for all your support.

  53. People from the New subdivisions don’t want to be zoned to the old schools because ” that will decrease property value”. That overcrowded Beckendorf with people from the east side of Grand Parkway; that was the awful confrontations a few years ago.

  54. I don’t know why this isn’t apparent, but student performance has to do with more than the school. Performance-based funding means that places that have sagging scores because of things like crime are going to get less money to educate and poorer education = greater crime.

    Charter schools (I assume what you mean by “choice of where to send THEIR kids” since private schools are a thing) has well documented issues as well. Not that compulsory public schools are perfect, but the idea that privatizing everything fixes everything deserves just as much of your outrage.

  55. Hope everyone is ready for property tax RATE increase in addition to the ongoing increased valuations. This is ONLY from this last bond. I really don’t want to know what the projected tax rate will be with another bond added on.

  56. As a former educator and coach now in the commercial retail development business, it always baffled me that administrators of education and school board members make million and billion dollar decisions with public funds with little or no experience or the wisdom to make such decisions. It’s like handing over the keys to an Apache Helicopter to a fifteen year old that plays Call of Duty. Sure, it sounds like fun, but…In commercial development, investors and developers have decades of experience and wisdom to make huge financial decisions during the develop process.

  57. Surely nobody is surprised about this. Katy=football. Heck, Texas high schools = football. Forever. Should be no surprise here.

  58. Katy has just made itself the laughing stock of the world. You’re on the front page of reddit now, Katy. Time to step up and stop funding brain injuries for just the boys, and get back to investing in early learning and childhood development, not childhood destruction. Good grief. You deserve all the attention you get.

  59. This is not just a problem in Texas. We had similar problems with our school board here in Anchorage Alaska.. The school board president Carol Commie Como tried railroading voters for years with crap and when voters said no she snuck it into the next bond package. The precident was set and still happens today. I now blame stupid voters for not kicking these bleepin holes out of office. They need to be hung for this crime.

  60. These SAME people who support this kind of thing are anti government anti tax voters. Imagine if in stead of spending millions upon millions on a football stadium the money was used for more nuanced education.

    I have beet to 41 countries and every time I get things like this I think about how we are falling behind as a nation. In Europe they use thier money to ACTUALLY help thier people by providing universal healthcare. As far as high school in many places after sophomore year you can choose to go to specialty classes that teach you about the trade you plan on getting in. So an 18 year old in Europe has 2 years of on the job and specialty education in a specific field while a US 18 year old just got to play at a nice stadium and has zero experience in a field.

    My friends we have lost sight of what is important. We are the ONLY industrialized nation without any form of single payer healthcare. We have the funds and capabilities to give free healthcare to all our people now we just choose to allocate our money to football stadiums and have a military budget that is 10 times that of the next 5 nations combined.

    My fathers prescription is $3,000 a month. My daughters ER bill was $8,000 and we waited hours for just a minor issue. I tell all my euro friends about these things and they are just dumbfounded how we can be this way. They all love thier system.

    But the local high schools have professional stadiums to play in so I guess it’s ok. Rediculous!

  61. A good example of red state priorities and just one reason texas and florida are the laughing stock of the country.

  62. So, $60 million PLUS for a high school FOOTBALL stadium that will, for the most part, remain unused for the vast majority of the time. Kudos, KISD and all of you who voted to pay for NFL farm league facilities! Please vote to saddle the rest of us with more debt (again) when NRG Stadium needs “refurbishing” in the next 10 or 15 years.

  63. Not being from the area. Born in Sherman, Grayson County but raised in the Boston MA area. I was wondering what percentage of students went onto college, tech schools or other higher ed and what percent went on to the NFL? I will admit that in the North east football is not the all and all that it is in Texas but I’m happy my kid is finishing up getting his engineering degree next year and already has 2 job offers one for $85K and $89K per year plus they will pay for his masters. Not bad for a kid whose only a junior in college. He played football in HS but he won’t eve make a living from it. If you’re living in a world where education is not the most important thing for your kid then you kid’s future is going to be frustrating. and to have public officials more interested in a football stadium over education is unacceptable no matter where you live. The future of our children across the US is dependent on how they can compete with kids from all over the globe. If you’re district is not committed to education then your children are in deep trouble.

  64. I would like to congratulate the School Board of Katy, which is where I live, for making the front page of REDDIT!!!!

    You have embarrassed our community on a national level now. I expect this to get picked up by click-bait news sites soon

    Forcing us to vote for stadium funding to be built where old Katy plays, North of I-10, even though the largest part of the tax base in in and around Cinco Ranch, is exactly why people don’t trust elected officials. See kids, Cinco has a lot of turnover, and therefore a less engaged electorate. Contrast that with the people in Old Katy live there generation after generation. If we in Cinco want our kids to have schools, we have to build the Tigers a new stadium so that all those people whose children graduated in the 1980s, can go watch HS football like they have since the Reagan administration

  65. Well the kids might not get an education but they will still get their share of brain damage and isn’t that what is really important in Texas.

  66. How about a vote of no confidence at school board meeting. Have them all step down and have an emergency election to replace the whole school board. This. Is. Ridiculous.

  67. How could this be possible? I mean they just cant spend all that money someone must be allocating that money. Someone must be making a list where they will be going to spend that money. We are talking about millions not just $10 $20.

  68. found yall on reddit. 7 people have commented? No one pays attention to the scheming school board? in my world, THATS ALOTTA DOUGH, but in Katy Texas, meh, they doent care. Last time i drove thru texas i saw alot of dust and alot of walmarts. Needless to say, i will detour all my traveling around this ridiculous land of ignoramus’. I guess they really dont need quality schooling (or school buildings) so have fun in your dust and walmarts. If you resent my criticisms, GO TO THE G D SCHOOL BOARD MEETINGS AND FIX THIS YOU BUMS

  69. Katy ISD is over 2 Billon Dollars in debt.. Approximately $26,000 per student. The new Superintendent and trustees will want another bond to increase our debt to record numbers. I bet they will soon take money from the operations side to make up for other mistakes. This will take money away from classroom education.
    Katy ISD through Association memberships will send lobbyist, paid for with your tax dollars to lobby and demand more tax dollars from the legislature. (Our Money). School district spending is out of control.
    Our school district with other districts sued the State of Texas (really us the tax payer) for more money and lost. How many millions did it cost to sue yourself? It should be up our elected officials and not the courts to decide how we spend our tax dollars. We need some sort of performance base funding, and the ability allow parents the choice of where to send THEIR kids to school.

    The education bureaucracy is not so noble.

  70. Just a stranger passing through the internet.

    One thing caught my eye: …additional funding was quietly slipped by … during board meetings in 2015. It was done legally in open meetings …

    The whole board in public meeting just happened to agree to this funding maneuver without discussion beforehand? This smacks of a “serial public meeting” where a group less than a quorum discuss and agree, then another similar group does the same, evading public meeting laws. Not saying it happened but what are the chances?

  71. Ask how they can spend so much but not buy shower curtains…..

  72. Only one minor correction. The land that the district owned was near Tompkins High School, not Seven Lakes. Yes, they did sell that land and then told voters that the reason the stadium had to go in Old Katy is because the district already owned the land and that it was too expensive to buy land anywhere else. A true but extremely deceptive statement because the Frailey Administration did not reveal that it sold the property the district own next to Tompkins HS.

    They also did not reveal that the Frailey Administration made two purchases of land next to Rhodes in order to build the stadium in Old Katy. The cost of those two pieces of land was more than what they sold the Tompkins property for, so they took a loss on the deal.

    But when people in the know asked the district about the land swap they lied and said they made money on the deal. They accomplished that slight of hand by only talking about the price of the first piece of land that they purchased, not the second.

    The loss on the land deals is never factored into the total price of the stadium and neither is the cost of the land. The $72 million the the district will pay to construct the second stadium does not include the cost of the land. Eventually the truth comes out, doesn’t it?

    If you remember, when Covering Katy wrote about these issues we were accused of being against the children of the district.

  73. Ahhh the STADIUM!
    first–they move it North of I-10 so the Katy Tigers will get to play in the NEW stadium & the new schools can play in the old one (remember, they owned land near Seven Lakes allocated for a 2nd stadium–but they sold that & bought land for twice as much near Katy Tigerland.)
    then–they ask for major $$
    then–they ask for more $$$ because they need offices/classrooms IN the stadium
    then–they use “free” $$ that should have gone to build new schools for more stadium
    then–they announce that they’re getting a corporate sponsor for the stadium
    now–they have the nerve to ask for more $$ for school!!!!

    The Katy Tigers had a losing team for DECADES. It’ll happen again–and then they’ll have the MOST EXPENSIVE HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL STADIUM IN THE WORLD to play in! Yeah!

    How much $$ is going to local contractors, and are they friends with the board up in old town Katy?

  74. 72 million was the amount allotted for the stadium in the original bond that constituents did not pass! So the Board spent surplus dollars from previous bonds on the stadium instead of new schools???! And now they need more bond money??? Are they all smoking crack? We definitely need a reconciliation of how each dollar from each bond wa spent! My vote for any KISD bond free this will be Hell No!!

  75. This should be an interesting test for the new superintendent. I have a feeling I know where it will go but I’ll wait with everyone else to see how he handles his first big PR challenge – the last two supers usually handled these types of things with some misdirection out front and heavy bullying behind the scenes.

    Let’s see how it goes!

  76. So here is a thought, why not rezone all schools shifting population east since the older school on eastern end of district have way lower attendance? It makes more sense than to keep building more and more schools.

  77. Calling bull$h!t and not saying I told you so, but I did.
    Tell them to quit spending money on big tech like it is going out of style and use that allotted $50 million for schools… oh, but they can’t because it is already spent.
    Someone needs to ask where that went… We need to see reconciliation.

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