George Scott to Make Case that State has Failed At Risk Minority Students

Mexican American School Board Association

KATY (Covering Katy News) – Katy Independent School District School Board member George Scott, a Republican, will lead a major presentation on what he labels the State of Texas’ and the Texas Education Agency’s three-decade-old failure to fully protect the academic equity interests of at-risk minority students.  His remarks will come in an address to the state and national convention of the Mexican American School Board Association being held in Austin this week.

“Did Texas Abandon Equity for At-Risk Minority Students? Yes!” is the provocative title that Scott will present to MASBA as he traces and documents what he defines as a “30-year track record of systemically evolving, deceptive, and dishonest accountability systems that have allowed the TEA to falsely assert that it has met the needs of at-risk students in terms of “credible constitutional” compliance with its moral, ethical, and legal burdens.

“Since George Scott became a member of the Texas Association of Schools (TASB) and then a member of our MASBA organization, we have come to trust him as one of the most powerful, outspoken, and fearless advocates for at-risk children in Texas,” MASBA Executive Director Dr. Jayme Mathias told Covering Katy News.

“We know and appreciate George for his passion and his almost encyclopedic knowledge of those issues in public education that have worked to insulate the State of Texas from having to meet its full burden of serving all students in Texas but with our special focus on at-risk minority students,” Dr. Mathias added.

“He’s unapologetic for his forceful representation of our children’s interests, and he’s literally relentless in his aggressive pursuit of justice, civil rights, and genuine academic equity standards for our children,” Dr. Mathias added. “He doesn’t blame our children. He wants to help our children.”

George Scott recording a Covering Katy podcast.

Scott called the invitation to address the MASBA state and national conference “the absolute highlight of my 46-year career. Over the last three years on the Katy I.S.D. School Board and two years on the TASB Board and interaction with MASBA, I have gained enormous respect for the leadership of the MASBA organization. Many have become personal friends.”

“From the moment he came on the TASB Board, George began an immediate and proactive personal outreach effort especially to minority members of TASB and MASBA. We didn’t have to go to him; he actually came to us asking for our help.” Dr. Mathias said. “He has shared data analysis of his personal research with our leadership to the point that we look at him as a powerful ally.”

“The accountability system has become punitive to serve the political objectives of too many ideologues at the state level whose interest in actually protecting the public education system is highly suspicious,” Scott said. “The focus of accountability has little to do with improving academic performance. It has much more to do with political demagoguery to advance policies that harm and genuinely threaten our public education system.”

“It will not be a timid message that I deliver, and I am beyond grateful on a deeply personal level that MASBA is giving me a chance and a statewide platform to deliver these remarks that will include a unique approach to post-convention follow-up on a statewide level,” Scott said.

“I am old enough to remember a time when genuine, actual conservatives actually believed in civil rights, due process, and equity and justice for all citizens,” Scott said. “We have reached a point in our country’s political divide where pure ideological stereotypes have too often overwhelmed our historical values of doing what’s right for all the right reasons in statewide politics – not at the local level. In this era, public education has paid a terrible price.”


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