Dr. Hindt posts his last ‘Hindt’s Highlights’ – One more thing we’ll miss when he’s gone

Katy Independent School District Superintendent Lance Hindt produced and posted his final video edition of “Hindt’s Highlights” this week. The monthly videos always feature the accomplishments of Katy ISD students and teachers.

In a district with 80,000 students, there are always positive accomplishments to report each month. Dr. Hindt once told Covering Katy that people are more likely to watch a video than read an entire list of success stories so that’s why he chose to communicate in this format.

Covering Katy News has frequently published Hindt’s Highlights because they are always well shot, well edited and contain interesting news about what’s happening in the school district. They are just plain fun.  Yes, maybe a little hokey, but anyone with a sense of humor understood that the hokeyness was Hindt’s shtick and it worked.

The man behind the camera who brings these professionally shot and edited productions to life is Ray Cortez. Like yours truly, he comes from a TV news background.  He’s very talented, and with Hindt’s comfort in front of the camera, Cortez was free to work his magic.

As a 30-year broadcast journalist who spent half my career in television news, I can say the two men were a great combination and found a way to make their monthly message fun to watch.

We suspect that these highlights may not continue in this format because most superintendents are not as comfortable as Hindt in front of the camera, so enjoy the last one of 2018.  It may be the last.

Hindt’s videos were memorable for their positive nature. He promoted the positive, and always gave others credit for their success. He’d even give others credit for his success.

Best wishes Lance. Thanks for the memories.

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