Cinco Ranch Robotics Team Wins Channelview District Tournament – Qualifies for District Championship


The Cinco Ranch HS robotics Team

CHANNELVIEW, Texas (Covering Katy News) – The Cinco Ranch High School Robotics Team 624 (CRyptonite) followed their win at the FIRST®in Texas  Austin District tournament with a second tournament win at the Channelview District event.  The Channelview School District is east of Houston.

With this second win and the completion of all of the district tournaments, the team qualified for the FIRST in Texas District Championship, April 3-6 in Austin.

At Channelview, CRyptonite was part of the number two seed Alliance, with Team 5892, known as the Energy HEROs, from Energy Institute HS in Houston and Team 3834, known as the Crab-bots, of Calhoun HS in Port Lavaca.

Sporting the team’s signature bright green hair spikes (L-R), Victoria Dao, Leo Varveropoulos, Andy Hassun, Kyna McGill, and Tejas George work on the CRyptonite robot in the team’s pit between matches.

During their competitions, the CRyptonite pit crew maked improvements to the robot to meet the challenges of  both the competition and that season’s game.

“A big change we made was optimizing the robot to suction in and hold the cargo balls better,” said Andy Hassun, pit crew member and the team’s Vice President of Safety. The cargo balls are the large balls that are part of this season’s game.

With their improved cargo intake, the team’s Alliance won the best-of-three quarter finals in straight matches

They were taken to a third and deciding match in the semi-finals, which they won 79–69, and they won the finals in straight matches, 68–46 and 84-58.

Cinco Ranch HS teacher and CRyptonite faculty sponsor, Dr. John Muskopf (front, second from right), was selected as one of the nominees for the Woodie Flowers Award from Channelview District. He will advance to the FIRST in Texas District Championship in Austin with other nominees. Winners there advance to the FIRST Championship event.

The team’s faculty sponsor, Cinco Ranch HS teacher, Dr. John Muskopf was named one of the Channelview District nominees for the Woodie Flowers Award, which is presented to an outstanding Mentor who best leads, inspires, teaches, and empowers their team using excellent communication skills.

Dr.Muskopf will advance to the FIRST in Texas District Championship in Austin with other nominees. Winners there advance to the FIRSTChampionship event.

CRyptonite also won the Autonomous Award, which celebrates the team that has demonstrated consistent, reliable, high-performance robot operation during autonomously managed actions. Evaluation is based on the robot’s ability to sense its surroundings, position itself or onboard mechanisms appropriately, and execute tasks.

The Channelview District tournament is part of the FIRST in Texas district competitions, where teams from Texas and New Mexico earn points competing in two of the ten FIT district qualifying tournaments.

Drive Team Technician, Tejas George (L) and Human Player, Josh Pack (R) work on the CRyptonite robot in the queue before a match, while Field Coach, Daniel Yang looks on.

The results of the FIT Championship in Austin determine which teams qualify for the FIRST Championship, April 17-20 at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, where over 400 FIRST Robotics Competition teams from around the world will compete.

Each year, all FRC teams receive that season’s challenge the first week of January. During a hectic six-week build season, the robotics students, working with adult Mentors, design, prototype and construct a robot to accomplish specific tasks required to compete in that game. With battery and bumpers, these robots can weigh up to about 140 lbs.

This season’s First Robotics Competition game is Destination: Deep Space, where two competing alliances of three remote-controlled robots each, are collecting samples on “Planet Primus”.

With 2:30 until liftoff, the Alliances score points by deploying their robots from a three-level habitat platform, preparing their cargo ship and rockets with hatch panels (large plastic discs), then collecting and stowing as many cargo pods (large rubber balls) as possible.

The CRyptonite robot speeds across the field with a cargo ball to score points in the Channelview District tournament. The team won the tournament and qualified to advance to the First in Texas District Championship in Austin, April 3-6.

During the first 15 seconds of the match, a curtain obscures the Alliance’s view of their robots, so robots independently follow preprogrammed instructions or are operated by human drivers via video from their stations.

Before time expires, teams also earn points by returning their robots to the habitat platform and climbing to the top of one of the three levels.

To learn more about FIRST Robotics Competition:

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