Advanced Placement (AP) Exams Available for Katy ISD Students


KATY (Katy ISD) – High school students in the Katy Independent School District may register for Advanced Placement (AP) exams at their home campus from February 27-March 20, 2017.  Late registrations will be accepted through March 26, 2017 with a late fee of $5/exam.  Each high school will announce the details for the registration process at the home campus.

All students who are enrolled in AP courses in Katy ISD are strongly encouraged to participate in AP exams.  An AP exam score of 3 or better is counted as an advanced measure for Distinguished Achievement graduation recognition (DAP) and can be recognized for a distinction.  However, students are not required ot take the exam, and the exam has no bearing on the high school course grade.

Fee waivers are available for students in economic need.  Home-schooled students may register in person at the high school campus in their attendance zone during the registration window.

A partial refund of $45 per exam is available for seniors who have been admitted to a college and who have documentation that the college will not accept AP exam scores for credit.  Refunds must be requested in writing to the home school counseling office by April 28, 2017 with documentation from the college or university’s AP exam policy.

Students in special economic circumstances must identify that need during exam registration.  All request for addition fee waivers must be made during the registration period (February 27-March 20, 2017) to ensure that proper arrangements are made for the student.  AP Coordinators will confirm eligibility for any fee waivers.

Students in need of testing accommodations must adhere to the College Board timeline for these requests.  Contact the Campus AP Coordinator with any questions.

AP exams are scheduled for the weeks of May 1-5 and May 8-12, 2017.  To determine the exact date of a particular exam, visit

State law requires Texas public colleges and universities to award credit for scores of 3 or better on AP exams.  Other institutions have their own policy on awarding college credit or advanced standing.  Students are responsible for checking the policy at the university or college they plan to attend by contacting the university or by visiting the College Board’s website at

Contact the Campus AP Coordinator for more information about the AP program and AP exam registration.



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