SPELLMAN: Covering Katy Suspends Subscriber Effort – Refunds on the Way

Dennis Spellman, Covering Katy founder.

The readers have spoken.

Covering Katy has immediately suspended its efforts to offer subscription services to the community. We had done so to fund and maintain an aggressive multi-reporter staff to continue hard news and investigative reporting of local government and related institutions.

Over the past year, we substantially expanded our hard-news coverage. We did this by increasing the size of our professional news and support staff. This was in anticipation of offering the Covering Katy Insider subscriber service that was necessary to maintain this commitment to aggressive hard-news journalism.

It is clear after two weeks that the threshold of subscribers that we had established to continue this portion of our news service is not on pace to succeed.

By the end of the day tomorrow, those who have subscribed will receive a full refund on their subscriptions. I am very grateful for those who did share our vision that a community of this size deserved serious, 24-7, aggressive journalism, provided by experienced professional reporters.

Effectively immediately, Covering Katy will return to the news model that has worked so successfully for the first four years, which will include an array of basic community news.

I look forward to Covering Katy’s continuing role in providing you the basic community news that you have supported in the past.

The subscriber response was basically positive, and I was grateful for the diversity of people who subscribed. Just as impressive is that the overwhelmingly majority of subscribers had so much faith in our product that they chose six-month and one-year subscriptions.  Unfortunately, we did not establish a pace of subscribers that would allow this hard-news, investigative effort to continue at this time.

I give special thanks to journalists Jamie Mock and George Slaughter, who invested their collective heart and soul into this effort. Their contributions will be greatly missed. During their time with Covering Katy this publication generated some of the best journalistic efforts ever seen in Katy.

All the best,