Chronicle Editorial Board Continues to Protect its Incompetence in Katy ISD Coverage



It is beyond disturbing that the Houston Chronicle Editorial Board would use an outdated quote from Katy ISD Trustee Rebecca Fox to advance the false claim that superintendent-select Ken Gregorski was not interviewed for the position of superintendent. Fox’s outdated comment was made before the Gregorski interview happened. Putting quote marks around a dated statement does not relieve the Chronicle of its obligation to be truthful, it’s just a cover tactic for deception.

Additionally, the Chronicle’s reporter was at Monday’s board meeting and listened to trustees reveal that Gregorski was interviewed. Trustee George Scott called the interview a “Tour de Force” performance by Gregorski and said, “He is the right man at the right time to lead Katy ISD.” He also dispelled the myth that a national search was not considered. Scott presented his plan for a national search back in August.

The Chronicle’s reporting and editorial positions on Katy ISD have been biased and incompetent for months. Not until Covering Katy called them out did they stop inserting video of Hindt accuser Greg Gay in seemingly every story they wrote about the district. Now the practice is to litter their articles about Katy ISD with links to old negative stories about outgoing superintendent Lance Hindt.

It now appears the Chronicle has shifted tactics from bringing down Hindt to bringing down Gregorski by promoting the false narrative that he’s being installed without proper vetting.

The Houston Chronicle has become the public relations agent for turmoil in Katy since Fox 26 gave up that mantle after highly questionable behavior by one of its Emmy-winning reporters. The Fox reporter personally aired and sent Covering Katy selectively photographed documents that made Lance Hindt appear to have lied to the board, a firable offense. At least the news managers at KRIV TV apparently have had the good sense take that reporter off the Katy ISD beat. He has not been seen covering the district for weeks.

Reasonable people can question why the Houston Chronicle has appeared to cover-up highly questionable conduct and claims by the Better Legacy movement which now seems to be embraced by board members Rebecca Fox and Dawn Champagne.

Katy is at a dangerous crossroads where outside forces, aided and abetted by the Houston Chronicle, are attempting a hostile takeover of our school district, and we are incredibly proud of school board president Courtney Doyle, vice president Bill Lacy, secretary Ashley Vann and member George Scott. Under unbelievable outside pressure, they voted to do the right thing, name Gregorski as the lone superintendent finalist to replace Hindt. They truly are Katy strong.

This article could be littered with example after example of incorrect reporting by the Houston media, by some members of our school board and by people who have hidden agendas. We are living in a time when no tactic is too petty, and no claim is too outrageous.

We’ve seen one manufactured crisis after another, and that’s what this controversy is – manufactured. There is nothing sinister about selecting an internal candidate to do a job that he’s essentially been doing for the past two years. To claim he’s not been vetted and not been interviewed is simply untrue.

Here at Covering Katy, we’ve had a front-row seat to the tactics employed, first against Hindt and now against the board and Mr. Gregorski. The public has come to know that when Covering Katy takes a stand we’ve always been proven right, even when our stand initially is not understood by many in the public. This situation will be no different.

It’s time that all seven members of the Katy ISD school board come together on the final vote for Mr. Gregorski and support him unanimously. Then it’s time to stop the manufactured crisis and allow the school district to continue planning for the future so it can remain one of the best in Texas.

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