Wild Overnight Big Rig Chase Ends at Rooms to Go in Katy Area

The end of the chase.

HARRIS/WALLER COUNTY (Covering Katy News) – A suspected drunk big rig driver, with his family aboard, led Harris County Sheriff’s deputies on an hour-long chase late Monday night.

The chase started along Keith Harrow Blvd. and Queenstown Blvd. in West Harris County. It eventually went north to Highway 290 in both directions, then made its way to the Katy Freeway west where it ended near Igloo Road in the parking lot of the Rooms to Go store in Waller County. Inside the rig was the driver’s wife and two children, ages 8 and 1.

Deputies deployed spike strips several times according to Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez who was on the scene when the chase came to an end. The rig operator only stopped after numerous tires deflated and disintegrated, leaving him operating on the rig’s rims.

“The driver at times attempted to run over our deputies,” Gonzalez said. “Spikes strips were deployed to no avail. It just ripped the tire and he kept going,” Sheriff Gonzalez said.

The driver has been charged with driving while intoxicated and aggravated assault with a motor vehicle.

One of the patrol cars had minor damage and one of the deputies suffered an injury to his hand while deploying the spike strips.

The speed of the chase was between 30 and 60 miles-per-hour according to Gonzalez.

See more photos below.

The rig at the end of the chase. Metro


A damaged patrol car. Metro

The rig at the end of the chase. Metro

The front driver’s side rim of the rig. Metro

The front passenger side rim of the rig. Metro


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