Teen Turf War Leads to Gunfire in Neighborhood near Cardiff Junior High

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WEST HARRIS COUNTY (Covering Katy News) – A spray of bullets from semi-automatic weapons struck a house, several cars and an 18-year-old female late Sunday on a street that backs-up to Cardiff Junior High School.  The shooting happened at about 10 p.m. on Harris Mill Drive at Westfield Parkway a short distance from Greenhouse Road. (See map below)

“An 18-year-old female was hit in the knee,” said Deputy K.W. Cote of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. “She’s at the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries,” he said late Sunday night. “She wasn’t the intended victim of the shooting even though it was her family members who were involved.”

Deputies look at the bullet holes in a home. Covering Katy

The bullets that struck a house did not penetrate the inner walls. Deputy Cote says it could have been far worse.

“There were a lot of bullets shot during this alteration and we are very lucky that only one person got struck.”

Deputies estimated that there were about 25 bullets fired. Deputies detained and questioned several people and there are more people to interview.  Arrests are likely.

“We’re looking for one person.  We don’t have a full name. We just have a nickname,” Cote said. “There were probably 10 people involved but we do not have the players yet, Cote said late Sunday night.

The event happened because of a turf war that’s been going on for a long time.

“They had a beef from school. It’s been an ongoing thing for several years,” Cote said. “These people are new to the area and are trying to act like it’s their area. It does not appear to be drug-related.”

Cote was not sure where the victim went to school. He expected to have the investigation wrapped up within about 24 hours. They did not recover a weapon.

“We want to talk to everyone before we take it to the District Attorney’s Office” for charges he said.

Covering Katy will update this story as more information is made available.

Deputies compare notes at the scene of the crime. Covering Katy


Harris Mill Drive at Westfield Parkway. Google


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