Rep. Calanni Passes Bill to that helps in prosecuting rape cases

Gina Calanni

AUSTIN (Covering Katy News)  – State Rep. Gina Calanni of Katy (D – Katy/Cypress) has announced the passage of a bill that she sponsored that will make it easier for a forensic analyst to provide testimony in rape and other important criminal cases. The bill passed unanimously in the Texas House and also passed in the Senate.

“Today, I passed Senate Bill 1125 through the House to allow forensic analysts to remotely give video testimony in court proceedings. This cost-neutral solution will allow analysts to focus on their casework, cut down on out-of-office delays, and help reduce the unacceptable backlog of rape kits in Texas,” said Rep. Calanni.

The bill will allow forensic analysts to testify in many more trails because they will not have to spend time traveling around the state in order to testify.

“Under this legislation, forensic analysts will no longer have to travel to various cities and counties across the state to testify in-person. Every time a forensic analyst has to show up in court to provide testimony, delays in casework can be expected.”

Senate Bill 1125 will now be sent to Governor Abbott’s desk for final approval. This is the eleventh bill that Rep. Calanni has passed during the 86th Legislative Session.


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