Katy Freeway Racing Leads to Arrests by Pct. 5

Courtest Pct. 5

KATY (Covering Katy News) – Earlier this week we told you about a racing biker who hit the back end of a car on the Katy Freeway Feeder Road, now Harris County Precinct 5 deputies have arrested people racing in cars, in the same general area.

Two drivers were arrested for racing down the Katy Freeway on Tuesday night. William Johnson, 23, and Kent Droughton, 19, were seen by Precinct 5 deputies racing eastbound on I-10 near Barker Cypress at speeds of more than 90 miles per hour.

Deputies were able to stop both vehicles without incident, arresting both drivers and charging them with racing on a highway.
Another driver, Daniel Wojdyla, was arrested on the Katy Freeway near Barker Cypress on Wednesday night. Wojdyla, 25, was also charged with racing on a highway.

On Thursday morning at 3:20 a.m., Richard Treacy-Newell was arrested for racing on a highway on the Katy Freeway near Eldridge Parkway.
Law enforcement officers from multiple agencies will be on patrol throughout the Houston area watching for street racing during TX2K19, the annual racing event that attracts thousands to Baytown each spring.

“Street racing is illegal in Texas,” said Constable Ted Heap.

Heap says those with a need for speed should use venues and events like Texas 2K where drivers can register and race on legal and designated roadways.

“Precinct 5 deputies will arrest and charge those who are racing on public roadways and endangering their own lives and the lives of other innocent drivers and passengers,” he said.

Courtesy Pct. 5


Courtesy Pct. 5

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