Husband Opens Fire on Accused Juggers in Randall’s Parking lot

KATY/HARRIS COUNTY (Covering Katy News) – A man used his gun to defend his wife against accused armed robbers in a busy Randall’s parking lot Saturday afternoon in the Katy area. The store is located at North Fry Road at Morton Road. The shootout happened at about 2:30 p.m.

The man and his wife are alive. The two men reportedly suffered gunshot wounds. One of them is in custody and the other man is still on the run.

Detectives believe the couple was followed after they went to a nearby Chase Bank. The criminal act is called “jugging” which is where thieves watch people who they believe have withdrawn money from a bank and then follow them to another location and rob them, often at gunpoint.

The couple went grocery shopping after their trip to the bank. The suspects are believed to have waited in the parking lot. As the couple was loading groceries into their vehicle a black Cadillac SUV pulled in front of them. One man allegedly pulled a gun and demanded the woman’s purse.  Her husband pulled out his gun and shots were exchanged.  The husband reportedly fired four shots and hit both juggers.

“Her husband was able to retrieve a pistol and shoot the males,” Sheriff Ed Gonzalez Tweeted Saturday afternoon.

The two men drove off but crashed their vehicle. The driver had a gunshot wound to his shoulder and ran to a nearby fire station, collapsed, was treated and arrested. The other man took off and has not been found.  He is described as being in his mid 20’s, black, and five-feet-four-inches tall.

The couple later found that their rear passenger-side tire had been deflated, apparently so that they could not easily pursue the bandits after the holdup.

The investigation is ongoing.

Below is a report from KTRK TV which shows the scene of the crime.

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