Gang Leader Sent to Prison for ‘Terrorizing’ Cell Phone Stores

HOUSTON (Covering Katy News) – A Houston man who directed a crew that terrorized dozens of cell phone stores during armed heists, was sentenced to 60 years in prison on Friday.

“He left business owners and customers living in fear and is now headed to prison for decades,” Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg said. “He has earned the kind of cell provided by the State of Texas, and it will come with bars of steel.”

Quinton Lesaun Malbrough, 27, was convicted of directing the activities of a criminal street gang, following a two-week trial that included approximately 60 witnesses.

“Nobody deserves to have a gun put to their head,” Assistant District Attorney Will Cowardin said. “These guys were bold, and by working together, they multiplied the number of victims and the danger to innocent people.”

Malbrough, who has been in and out of prison, specialized in recruiting younger men from the northeast Houston neighborhood where he grew up.

The robberies were quick. They would always include at least one gunman, a bagman to scoop up phones and cash, and a getaway driver waiting in a car with the engine running.

Malbrough would train them to move quickly, and would often shadow them from a short distance during robberies as he gave orders over the phone.

The stolen phones were later resold to disreputable dealers.

Malbrough was sentenced Thursday after being convicted of his role in five armed robberies, but he was suspected in many more.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office Robbery Division investigated this case.

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