Cinco Area Robbery Suspect is ‘looking for young girls.’

KATY (Covering Katy News) – The 54 year-old man who is charged with robbing a 16 year-old girl at knife point earlier this week in Cinco Ranch also has a self-proclaimed desire for “young girls.”

James Mertes posted on social media “I’m looking for young girls who live in the Katy TX area.”

The social media post was made public by Fort Bend County Precinct 3 Constable Wayne Thompson who wants the public to be aware of the desires of Mertes, a lanky man who stands six-feet tall and weighs 160 pounds.

“Parents, this is what is out there,” Thompson wrote.

According to court records the 16 year-old girl was walking home from school and was in the area of the Target on Westeimer Parkway at about 3:10 p.m. “when she felt somoene grab her shoulder and tell her to keep walking.” The man, according to court documets, walked with her to Westheimer Parkway and Commercial Center Blvd. before she was able to escape.

“Through persistence and hard work, our team was able to take this guy off of the streets,” said Constable Wayne Thompson whose deputies spotted Mertes in the early morning hours the following day and eventually convinced him to turn himself in.

“I suspect there would have been more (robberies) if she wouldn’t have escaped, Thompson said. “Glad we caught him,” he added.

Thompson is very pleased that his deputy constables were able to spot Mertes and then arrest him.

“The Fort Bend Constable’s Office, Precinct 3 Deputies were on their “A” game. Well done. I am humbled by those I work with and thankful this person is off of the streets. Take a look at this guy and what he posted.”

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