Man gets 26 years for immersing toddler in scalding water

HARRIS COUNTY (Covering Katy News) – A man who immersed a 23-month-old child in scalding bath water was sentenced by a judge to 26 years in prison, prosecutors announced Thursday.

Chester Mosley, 24, pleaded guilty to serious bodily injury to a child for the January 2017 incident, which left the boy with permanent scarring.

The child was also bruised on his stomach and had a liver laceration that authorities attributed to Mosley stomping on him.

“He had no mercy for this kid who for the rest of his life can look at his scars and be reminded of what was done to him,” Assistant District Attorney Allen Otto said. “You should never be able to get away with doing this to a child.”

The boy had been left in Mosley’s care while his mother, who was Mosley’s girlfriend, was at work.

She called 911 when she found out about the injuries.

The case was investigated by Houston Police.


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