Houston Chronicle: David Temple May Be Freed Today

HOUSTON (Houston Chronicle) – After nine years in prison and 17 years after the murder of his pregnant wife, former Katy resident David Temple could be out of jail as early as this afternoon.

Temple’s release is the latest in a nearly 20-year saga that began when Belinda Temple was murdered in 1999. Temple was sentenced to life in prison in 2007, but in November the state’s highest criminal court overturned his conviction. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals found that Temple’s constitutional rights were violated because of the misconduct of legendary prosecutor Kelly Siegler, a skilled and dramatic trial prosecutor who later became the star of her own reality TV show.

Stan Schneider, Temple’s attorney, said Wednesday that Temple’s family is cautiously optimistic.

“They’re sort of in disbelief that this is actually happening,” Schneider said. “A retrial has been ordered, and everyone knows there’s a lot of work yet to be done, and a lot of things can happen. But they’re anxious to be reunited and to work towards his exoneration.”

Schneider said Temple is now “en route” to Harris County, where he’ll be processed and potentially freed by this afternoon. Schneider did not know when Temple would arrive in Houston, or when he left the Pack Unit jail in Navasota, Texas. He said he and Temple would address the media after Temple’s is out of custody.

Temple’s release is contingent on a $30,000 bail, the same amount set when he was originally charged with killing his wife in 2006.

Temple will appear back in court Jan. 4 for pre-trial hearings as his defense attorneys and prosecutors prepare to re-try his case.

Temple’s conviction was overturned in November after Texas’ criminal appeals court found that Harris County prosecutors deliberately withheld evidence and deprived the Katy man a fair trial in the 1999 death of his pregnant wife.




  1. Very interesting case. Its been years now and no other person has come forward, been fingered, rumors spoken, etc as a guilty party other than Mr. Temple. Forget about the stupid neighborhood kid. Family money has pursued this case the entire time and now perhaps there will be a retrial. If he does get off, at least he will have spent 9 years in prison and perhaps that is punishment enough. If so I suspect Mr. Temple will relocate out of the area. Will be interesting to see how the Harris County DA moves on this.

  2. First, I am NEVER in favor of prosecution using the power of their office to try to hide/cheat/etc. to win cases no matter how guilty the accused may appear to be. If Siegler’s actions are deemed serious enough for disbarment, then so be it.
    Secondly, isn’t it pretty telling that Temple’s own defense attorneys – normally as brash, arrogant and braggadocios as the day is long – have admitted that they don’t know that the “hidden” evidence will make much of a difference in a retrial?
    Finally, IF Temple is re-convicted on the murder of his wife and unborn child, the mainstream media outlets that have been decrying “Temple is an innocent man that was railroaded!!!” actually admit they were wrong and publish THE TRUTH about Temple being a GUILTY MAN that got out on a Hall Pass? (I won’t hold my breath on that!)

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