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Valeria Scacciati and her husband Tulio at Experimac on the Katy Freeway. Covering Katy photo

New Katy Store Buys, Sells, Repairs and Upgrades Certified Pre-owned Apple Products

This informative article was paid for by Experimac Katy North KATY (Covering Katy)—For those looking to repair, purchase or trade-in pre-owned Apple products, Katy residents Valeria Scacciati and her husband, Tulio, have opened a store that can help. Experimac Katy North, at 21788 Katy Freeway, opened last month. “People are surprised that we are selling pre-owned […]

The future home of the Lifelong Learning Center, 1701 East Avenue, Katy. LLC photo

The Lifelong Learning Center To Serve Clients with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

This informative article was paid for by The Lifelong Learning Center CITY OF KATY (Covering Katy) – Coming soon to the City of Katy is The Lifelong Learning Center, a day habilitation activity center specifically designed for those persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The Lifelong Learning Center will offer specialized programs to increase self-reliance for […]

Oh My Buns recently held a ribbon cutting.

Katy Businesswomen add O’ My Buns! to their Tutti Frutti shop in Cinco Ranch

This informative article was paid for by O’ My Buns! KATY (Covering Katy) – Cinco Ranch has two cutting edge businesswomen who specialize in sweetness, and they have a history of leading the way nationally in the products they sell. Now they’re bring another new product to Katy. Lonny Yu and Tam Luu have been […]

The treadmills at Cinco Fit

Cinco Fit Expands 24-Hour ‘Non-Intimidating’ Gym to Fulshear

Katy Couple offers tried-and-true fitness methods at Cinco Fit KATY/FULSHEAR (Covering Katy) – For nearly five years Anna and Josh May have operated Cinco Fit, a convenient, neighborhood gym located in Cinco Ranch. Their facility at Highland Knolls Drive and Peek Road has become so popular that they’ve opened a new facility in Fulshear on […]

Kinga and Marcus Wunderle at the Baa Baa Brewhouse - Covering Katy photo

Craft Beer from Katy Couple operating Brookshire Brewery

Katy Couple’s Dream Business is Brewing in Brookshire BROOKSHIRE, Texas (Covering Katy) – Marcus Wunderle learned to brew beer in 2007 while he was in Denver, Colorado. That’s when a longtime homebrewer showed him the magic of creating great craft beer. Marcus spent the next six years perfecting his microbrew, and dreaming of a day […]

Krav Maga self defense trainingChris Williams (R) demonstrates Krav Maga's self-defense techniques -Courtesy Krav Maga

Krav Maga leader in self defense and fitness opens new Katy facility

Fitness with a purpose – Keeping you alive KATY (Covering Katy) – Assaults happen quickly, and if you have a gun there is no guarantee you’ll be able to use it. That’s where self defense training from Krav Maga (Krav MA-gah) comes into play when you’re faced with a dangerous and life changing situation. “Bad […]