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Katy ISD School Board. Back Row: George Scott, Charles Griffin, Bryan Michalsky, Henry Dibrell Front Row: Ashley Vann, Rebecca Fox, Courtney Doyle

Four Katy School Board Members Scold their President and Sgt. at Arms

  KATY (Covering Katy) – A longtime observer of Katy School Board politics characterized what happened at Tuesday night’s meeting as epic, which is defined as heroic, grand and monumental. Four of the seven members of the Katy Independent School District Board of Trustees put a stop to what they believed was improper conduct concerning […]

Katy ISD photo

Tays Busing Issue Part Three: The Katy ISD Grievance Process

  KATY (Covering Katy) – After trying, and failing, to secure bus service for their Tays Junior High School students, several Highland Park residents resorted to beginning the Katy Independent School District’s grievance process. Per the district’s policy, a parent and/or student must fill out the initial grievance form “within 15 days of the date […]

Charles Griffin stands next to the only structure on his Sealy property with a roof. Covering Katy photo

Did Dibrell Want Attempted Fake News Smear of Griffin Amplified by Covering Katy?

  KATY (Covering Katy) – Katy Independent School District board member Charles Griffin believes someone is attempting to spread fake news in order to smear his reputation. His concern came after a Houston Chronicle reporter called him earlier this month questioning whether he was a resident of Katy or had moved to Sealy, where he […]