Former Katy ISD Superintendent Alton Frailey - Covering Katy photo

EDITORIAL: Frailey’s Deep State Holdovers Must Go

We should all feel really good today because the Katy School Board not only policed itself in the One Voice matter but during the same meeting the board actually had a public disagreement on an issue and found consensus. Some board members who support promoting concepts over achievement prevailed in their efforts to name the new […]

Parents Must Get Involved in New School Accountability System

  This is a letter to the editor of Covering Katy from Katy parent and education watchdog Kim Gutierrez: Last week, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) released its December 30, 2016 report to the 85th Texas Legislature on the proposed school district accountability system or the A-F ratings “report card.” Report: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5_wAPuk6FgyMXJNTm1LdU9uMEp5S2ItRUtWSnlsYW5HLXdv/view Parents have known for […]

Letter to the Editor: You can observe Katy ISD’s weaknesses just by watching the School Board

  The following letter to the editor was submitted by parent and education watchdog Kim Belcher Gutierrez.  The Katy community, at a minimum, should observe how our education resources are being utilized and by whom. Preferably, constituents would engage, but observation would be an improvement at this point. Most telling aspect of the most recent […]

Katy ISD Trustee Charles Griffin - File photo

OPINION: Katy Education Reformers Should Support Charles Griffin’s Courageous Stand

Several remarkable things happened at this week’s Katy school board meeting. At the top of the list is the board’s willingness to openly debate the possibility of ending its self-imposed ban on speaking with the media. Currently only the board president is allowed to speak to the media, and it’s been that way for 10 […]

A rendering of Katy's second stadium which is currently under construction. - Courtesy Katy ISD

EDITORIAL: Economic Development Need Not Be Factor in School Bond Spending

Katy residents can now see the folly in the argument that Katy Independent School District bond money should be used for economic development. Many people who back the $12 million in overspending on the district’s second stadium will gleefully tell you that the $70 million behemoth will cause new economic development around the so-called Student […]